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Need to rant about vets...

Discussion in 'The Cat Lounge' started by sarahp, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. sarahp

    sarahp Thread Starter TCS Member Veteran

    Jun 7, 2006
    I had a mini rant yesterday but I think I need to have a more full rant because I'm still stewing over it [​IMG]

    I got a stand in vet when Smudge got her check up yesterday because someone was out sick. He drove me nuts. It was like he'd just read "Taking Care of Cats for Dummies".

    I mentioned I foster kitties, run a TNR program, and volunteer at the local animal shelter. First sign that maybe I know something about cats...

    1. He asked how many cats I had - I said 3 and told him their stories (2 "failed" fosters, 1 semi-feral), and he asked how many litter trays I had. I said 2. He said "well the general rule is that you should have 1 per cat plus one extra, so you should get 2 more". I said "well, that's not exactly a hard and fast rule. I mean, I have 2 rather large, deep litter boxes, and 3 small cats. I use good quality clumping litter which is kept a few inches deep, and I scoop at least once a day, so it's never very dirty. I imagine this is better than 4 small litter trays with low-quality smelly litter that I only clean every couple of days. If I ever had any inappropriate peeing, or urinary tract problems that could be caused by them not wanting to use a dirty litter tray, then yes, I will get extra litter trays." He sort of huffed and puffed and said "well that's just what's recommended". I mean gee, surely it's better to get more information than just spout off stuff he learnt in vet school??

    2. He asked is Smudge was on any flea treatment, and I said yes, Advantage. he then said "well make sure you apply it every 4 weeks religiously". I considered holding my tongue, but decided against it... [​IMG] I said "well actually I've talked to Dr Chen (the usual vet), and she said since I'm not fostering at the moment, and they really don't go outside (just little occasional trips to chew grass, and even then it's really only Stumpy), and we've never had a flea problem, it was fine to do it more like every 6 weeks so they're not absorbing too many chemicals unnecessarily". He didn't like that either...

    3. I brought along all of Smudge's records including her records from the animal eye doctor, and told him all about her eyes, and what we'd done, and she'd had an eye checkup the previous week and passed with flying colours. Then he read the reports, looked at her eyes, and told me all about the condition trichiasis which she has, and that her vision probably wasn't all that good, and how I shouldn't let her be an outside cat because of her eyes, but it shouldn't bet any worse blah blah blah.

    I was like ARRRGGGHHH!!!! ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO ME?!?!?!?!? I'd said they're indoor girls, and Smudge rarely goes out, and it's always little supervised trips outside, I'd seen the eye specialist numerous times, and had told him all about her eyes, so obviously knew enough already, and had JUST had a check up, so you could assume that the specialist had already told me all I needed to know....

    4. He asked what I fed the cats and I said Felidae wet and dry. And he asked what sort and I said "just the regular Felidae for Cats and Kittens". He said he'd never heard of it, and I should try to feed them a good high quality diet. [​IMG] I had to explain that Felidae was actually a fairly well known brand, and the dog version was called Canidae (also fairly well known), and it was actually a premium quality pet food. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    It was SUCH a frustrating time, and he was a fair bit older, and it seemed he just wasn't keeping up with current vet trends, or wasn't used to dealing with cats and cat problems, or he just refused to listen and wanted to spout off textbook info without finding out any information from me.

    For future vet visits I'm going to make it clear that I ONLY want to see my vet, and if she's not available, I'll reschedule. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  2. liza24

    liza24 TCS Member Top Cat

    Nov 29, 2005
    wow, what a tard.

  3. I hear ya there... [​IMG]

    I finally settled down and picks a Cats Only vet here in Portland... and scheduled a visit for both of them... initial visit, etc... once and for all decide who might be the one peeing in front of the one litterbox, discuss the on-going aggression, etc...

    I get treated like I'm a BRAND NEW cat 'owner' ... hello... grew up with cats... have had these two monsters for 4 and a half years... I know a FEW things... and I know my cats. Period. I've tried everything available 'over the counter' to control the aggression... it tempers it a bit, but not enough... they still have days where they hate each others' furry little guts. They tell me 'Prozac is a last resort' which I told them repeatedly, I'm already AT that point. They told me to check out some Feline Behavior program at a university in the midwest... that I can get all my answers to help my cats there... when I visited that website, it was more of the same basic stuff... they don't understand my cats are fighting like alley cats... JJ has scabs on her neck... I know they're from the fighting, since that's where Jack aims... Anyway... our visiting Behaviorist here on TCS got to my post... and agreed about the prozac... now if i can find a vet around here who understands...

    I totally understand your frustration... I'd have smacked the Vet...

    I've also had MD's who are just as behind the times...

  4. sarahp

    sarahp Thread Starter TCS Member Veteran

    Jun 7, 2006
    Doesn't it just drive you bonkers when they don't find more about YOU and your experiences, they just think you're a complete idiot. If they think you're competent, they can ask the same questions, but ask them "smarter" to avoid the client feeling like an idiot.

    That's why I love my other vet, she understood my experiences, and asked the right sort of questions, and knew I was sensible enough to follow a "less strict" kitty care regiment where I thought appropriate.

  5. larussa

    larussa TCS Member Top Cat

    Jan 28, 2007
    Central New Jersey
    My vet is also for cats only. In fact the name of the hospital is Just Cats and I love it there. It's a little easier on the cats not having to be around barking dogs and other animals.

  6. theimp98

    theimp98 TCS Member Top Cat

    May 24, 2006
    elyria, ohio
    i think , he must have gone to people doctor school for listening

  7. pookie-poo

    pookie-poo TCS Member Top Cat

    I'm so sorry that you had to go through all that. I never really realized how good I have it! My vet knows I'm a nurse, and she also knows how much research I've done into feline chronic renal failure. She talks to me using proper medical terminology and is able to clarify the questions that I have (integrating my medical knowledge with her veterinary medical knowledge.) It's like having the best of all worlds. Besides that, she's a very caring and compassionate person, and a great friend. I guess I couldn't ask for anything better!

  8. tierre0

    tierre0 TCS Member Top Cat

    I have been very lucky with my vet, she has been looking after my animals for 14 years and she is a super vet.
    Your story however reminds me of the vet I had prior to my current vet. He was an arrogant type and almost killed my cat Flip by giving him to much anesthetic when I took him in to be neutered. It was at that point when I decided to switch to another vet and he actually became very rude about the whole situation..Treating me like I was being foolish by getting upset about the anesthetic incident.
    I am just happy that I manage to find a vet that I trust completely and I know has the best interest for all animals at heart.

  9. roimata

    roimata TCS Member Alpha Cat

    Jun 8, 2007
    Look behind you
    lmao I love that. Yeah, he seriously is.

  10. valanhb

    valanhb TCS Member Veteran

    I think I headed that off at the pass when we went in for our people only appointment to interview the vet. I had a list of questions that I felt were important to get honest answers to. At first, he answered the pat answers, out of the textbook. Then I was asking about anesthesia protocol, if they use ketamine, in what context, etc. When I was kinda reading my question, Earl said the vet looked shocked that I was asking a question like that. From then on, he answered my questions like I knew what I was doing. [​IMG] I think there's a note or something on our files, because they all treat us like that now. [​IMG]

  11. yosemite

    yosemite TCS Member Veteran

    Apr 26, 2001
    Ingersoll, ON
    Frustratring vets! Will you go back to him or try to find another vet?

    We took Bijou to a new vet when we moved here that came highly recommended. I booked the appointment with her (she had just had a baby and was working shorter hours) and made a point that I wanted to see her and would be willing to wait until I could get an appointment with her. Well they assured me my appointment was with her. We got there and had this male vet. His first error (IMO) was when he recommended we start feeding a good food like SD. He informed me he had taken a nutrition course. I failed to believe him but didn't come right out and say it.

    Now Bijou has an appointment for tomorrow morning with a new vet at another clinic that my SIL takes her dog to and has praised very highly. I hope he lives up to my expectations because if he doesn't, we are looking for another vet.

    This new vet caters to the rural community and larger animals so I'm suspending my approval until I see for myself how he is with Bijou. I'll let you know tomorrow. [​IMG]

  12. sarahp

    sarahp Thread Starter TCS Member Veteran

    Jun 7, 2006
    Well he's not my usual vet. It's the usual clinic, but he was just a stand in vet for the day because someone was out sick, so I probably (hopefully) won't see him ever again.

    I think if I was a stand in vet, and someone who came in was already an established I wouldn't bother lecturing them about anything. If it was a first time client, then sure, you'd give them a run through of basic pet care and what's recommended so they're aware.

    Next time I'll just stand my ground and say I either see Dr Chen (who is AWESOME), or I'll reschedule.

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