Need Advice on introducing new cat!


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Apr 11, 2019
I currently have a male cat that is a little over a year old. He was rescued from the streets when he was only a few weeks old and while he has his oddities, he is very sweet. He is pretty shy with new people but I’ve had two friends babysit him in the past who had cats and dogs and he didn’t seem to mind them at all.
This is probably an error in judgement but we just moved across the country a week ago and I rescued a cat from the local SPCA. Thinking back I should of given it more time and let me current cat adjust but I was just so excited to get a second one I didn’t think about it.
I adopted a two year old female cat and she is the most relaxed cat I’ve ever known. The second I brought her home my male cat was terrified and since I live in a Studio I had to separate them by putting my male cat in the bathroom. I know typically you put the new cat in the bathroom but my male cat is way more relaxed in there.
I feel super guilty leaving him in there alone but when I take him out he just hides.
It’s only been a couple days but the way my male cat is reacting has me concerned. He’s hissing and growling at her and I’ve never seen him do this since I’ve had him. I’m worried about him but I’m not sure what else to do than just slowly introduce them and let him hide in the bathroom until he’s ready. I don’t know if he would attack her but the way he was acting towards her makes me nervous that he might. He has charged at her but I stopped him before he got too close. He’s also been a little aggressive towards me and I’m sure he’s mad at me for bringing this new cat in so soon after moving.
If anyone has any advice of how I can make this an easier transition please let me know!

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Dec 12, 2012
Nebraska, USA
He is just really stressed right now, especially with the move AND a newcomer in his world. Since it has only been a couple of days it sounds like things are going well. Leave him in the bedroom if he is more relaxed in there, feed them within sight of each other to foster feel good feelings. Give them both some attention, both are stressed and really scared right now. He is not 'mad' at you, he is on very heightened alert with the new cat around and cannot tolerate being distracted, even by you. This is normal. Things like this take months to resolve, not days. The fact he just charged her and didn't attack is good, keep a stiff piece of cardboard around to separate them if they do fight. growling, hissing, and slapping are all normal. this will just take time, they will become a family unit in time......