My semi-feral is now sleeping alot and not eating her "beloved" wet food


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Sep 7, 2013
Hi all, I am posting here b/c my KittyKat has never been to the vet past being TNRed and who knows what else? I moved in to my current house, there were 3 young kittens, now down to just KittyKat, who is probably pushing 12 to 14 y.o.

We redid our deck recently (3rd time, so no issues last two times), so not sure this is relevant. She was "displaced" for a few days. Of course we fed her but she didn't have her setup. But now she is back in her home (it was all dislocated for a couple of days.) There was linseed oil and whatnot on the deck. Her fur seems a bit greasy though I brush her every day to restore her to where she was.

She does not seem to want her wet food any more, though still likes her dry food. Her mood seems placid (she is a total sweetie anyway, but she doesn't seem to be suffering.) Seems to sleep a lot more.

I am worried. I don't like seeing her like this. Not sure what to do. Seems so sudden. Thanks.

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Dec 12, 2012
Nebraska, USA
You might want to get some Delectable Lickables in the stew flavors at Walmart, or other treat sections, to tempt her to eat. She may be depressed because she was displaced for a while, or got into a fight and is sore. She may have absorbed some of the oil through her paws, but it doesn't sound like enough to really hurt her, but enough to make her sick. You could call the vet and see what could be done, but Petroleum Toxicity has convulsions, staggering, vomiting, etc. and thankfully she doesn't display any of that. She does need some food and water in her system. She is at the age where she is at a very advanced age fro an outside cat.