My Male Cat Jupiter Has Bin Missing For 6 Days

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    Oct 11, 2017
    My neutered cat Jupiter has been missing for 6 days. He is an inside and outdoor cat, I live on a farm with 4 more cats at night we always put my cat in the shop and sometimes when he comes to the house we let him inside for some treats and a little nap, my neighbors spotted my cat catching a mouse in their field which is almost right next to our house. We live by allot of fields and I have took my atv threw most of our fields and no luck. I hope the worst hasn’t happend. I have called him forever walked down trails most of my neighbors know about my lost cat. I still do have some hope he will come back because I’ve read about other articles of their cat missing for 17 days... it is getting colder outside now that winter is coming here in Canada. Can you please help me
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    I am so sorry your cat is missing. Don't give up hope yet. I have had males cats that like to wander go missing for weeks and one was gone for 5 months. Here are some articles with some great tips on searching for a missing cat.

    Tips for finding a lost cat
    Must-Do Tips for Finding a Lost Cat - Petfinder
    Lost Cat Behavior – Missing Pet Partnership

    The best time to often look is at dusk and early morning. I have used wireless ip cameras as well as trail cameras to help spot if the cat is showing up at night.
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