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My Kitten May Have Fip

Discussion in 'Cat Health' started by MowgsandBags, Jun 13, 2018 at 7:28 AM.

  1. MowgsandBags

    MowgsandBags Thread Starter TCS Member Kitten

    As of today my kitten is suspected to have FIP after having a blood sample taken.
    I am in denial.
    He first started getting the symptoms on Friday 8th June and we took him to the vets on Monday as the symptoms worstened
    The symptoms he had were:
    • Not gaining weight - Although we found out his cousin was stealing half his food! - We have since separated them when eating and it seems he is eating more each day now.
    • Lethargic
    • Slight sneezing
    After taking him to the vets they did a scan and found fluid in the chest cavity after feeling a lump near the liver. We also found that he had a temperature of 39.7
    They gave him some antibiotics and his temperature went down to 39 the next day and he was starting to be less lethargic and more energetic.
    That's when they took the blood test and I had a call today to say it may be FIP.
    Despite this today he seemed so well this morning, play fighting with his cousin, eating like crazy and regular bowl movements.
    The vet says the antibiotics may have sorted another illness caused by the FIP and that is why he is perking up, but it's so hard to think he is dying despite him looking better.
    Has anyone got any suggestions if their cat had FIP and started looking better before it goes down hill?
    I'm getting my hopes up here thinking it may not be FIP however the vet seems almost positive it is FIP.
    They have said they can do a test on the fluid in the chest to see, however if it is for my benefit to know if he has this or not, I do not want him to go through the pain and stress of these check ups unless it means it is something else which can be resolved.

    My biggest confusion is why is he looking so well? Is this normal for Kittens with FIP?
    P.S. Mowgli is only 13 weeks old, I am not ready to say goodbye </3
  2. duckpond

    duckpond TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 13, 2017
    I am so sorry for the FIP diagnosis. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers that he does NOT have it.
    Do keep us updated on him, i will worry for you guys.
    MowgsandBags purraised this.
  3. talkingpeanut

    talkingpeanut TCS Member Top Cat

    Oct 12, 2015
    I would insist on having the fluid in his chest analyzed. Blood work will not tell you anything about FIP.
  4. silkenpaw

    silkenpaw MizzBassie’s human Young Cat

    Oct 18, 2009
    Hollywood, FL, USA
    Agree with analyzing the chest fluid. That will help you determine the cause. And what’s this lump near the liver? Is it real or artifact?
  5. MowgsandBags

    MowgsandBags Thread Starter TCS Member Kitten

    I don't know it is is real or artificial, they have told me that Mowgli is too small to stick a needle in and remove the fluid and there isn't enough fluid to remove.
    The other thing it could possibly be is a shunt on the liver but they said they are almost positive it is fip.
    He started by gaining 0.04kg over almost a month! to now that daily since being on antibiotics, he is eating more and gaining weight hopefully so we can proceed. I have arranged a second opinion with another vet on Saturday to see if they have any other ideas.
    Has anyone else had experience with a kitten with FIP? Do they get better on the antibiotics before they get worst? Almost all the symptoms have gone - it just feels like a waiting game.
    I cannot accept this without a fight! My poor baby </3
  6. talkingpeanut

    talkingpeanut TCS Member Top Cat

    Oct 12, 2015
    I don’t think you should assume he has FIP at all. Explore all options with the second vet
  7. Erinlinkcappy

    Erinlinkcappy TCS Member Young Cat

    May 11, 2018
    It could be a heap of things. Get a second opinion and keep him in the antibiotics.

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