My first Feral Rescue Problem


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Apr 14, 2024
On Nov 23, 2023, a Vet's Office asked me and my to adopt a rescue stray cat that had some medical issues they'd taken care of. The woman who brought him in fed him outside, but couldn't keep him because he didn't get along with her 3 female cats. They guestimated him to be about 5yrs old. I am having trouble getting him to feel comfortable around me in a weird, wicked way..
He stays in my extra bedroom on the trundle bed where the pillows for the head sit. He has not played with a single to or scratch post I have brought in there.
Now, that is usually work out room. I kind of haven't been able to do anything in that room.
I can go in there, sit on the bed with him with Delectables for him to eat. He also likes the glove with nubbies on it and being rubbed with feathers that result in weird cirque du soleil gymnastics I never saw in the previous 3 cats I rescued before. His hind leg spread into my face is a regular thing. He likes being petted, all things that make him motor purr and knead the bed.
Now, his litter box is on the enclosed patio, as is his food and water fountain. If I:m in the living or dining room, he"ll go down the hall thru my bedroom to get to these things. Sometimes he sits and stares out the window at the wildlife that includes a mite swan, the canal and golf course.
Sometimes he sits at the entry of the sliding glass door, maybe kneads the throw rug, letting me know I need to put out fresh food.
But if for some reason he comes thru the hall and we cross paths, he makes an about face and hauls ass back into the bedroom to hide between the mattresses of the bed, where he spent the 1st few weeks.
When I come into the room he looks , happy, if that's possible. I believe he associates me with food. But he won't jump on me. I can't pick him up. I cant approach him with two,hands ---,l he needs ear medication. for > 30 years I've adopted feral and outdoor cats and they have always been welcoming and loving, especially when they see the toys and cat condo
I have never rescued a cat before that runs everytime he sees me. I know he wanders at night. I see the angel lights come on and he is somewhat clumsy. Yet he seems to be scared of almost everything. If somebody knocks at the door or comes over, he hides between the mattresses.. When he hides I leave him alone. I don’t try to force him out or to do anything, He doesn't meow. He makes a squeaking noise once in a while. . He won't even come near me at night when he roams around.
Sorry for the long post, but how can I make him feel comfortable enough for him to venture other furniture and let me pick him up?
I feel like if I Just keep giving him his space, he won’t even try to have a relationship with me or that it will just continue on like this forever.. I just want my rescue cat to feel loved.



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Mar 8, 2015
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I hate to say it, but a shy cat like this may take many more months to get completely comfortable with you. It’s going to be on his timetable and not yours, no matter what you do.

Since he accepts you when you come in the room to visit, and he’s comfortable roaming at night when it’s quiet, the prospects of him eventually coming around are good. However, for now, it sounds like your spare room is his safe space.

I’ve adopted cats who take a year or more to get comfortable after coming from all kinds of situations. And some who get comfortable with me but never with my other cats.

My best advice is to love him on his terms and to have no expectations or any time frame. One day he may surprise you!