My Feral Cat And Her Kittens Have Disappeared Two Days Ago!


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Jul 2, 2013
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Your ears must have been burning! For some reason, in an "out of the blue" musing with my hubby (he's used to musings about kitties), just this morning I was wondering aloud to him about you and the lost kittens and whether you'd ever seen mom or the babies again. SO wonderful to see you'd seen ALL!!!!!!!!! :yess:

I'd definitely wait just a tad (although I know it's been several weeks since you posted). Don't wait too long though - - -mom can get pregnant again very quickly!! (and you definitely don't need any more sleepless nights than you have to, wondering about where even MORE have gone).

Definitely read the article Furballsmom Furballsmom gave you the link for - - -especially the " How Old Do Kittens Have To Be To Leave Their Mother?" - - it's got lots of helpful info that'll make you feel more comfortable about timing.

And yes yes yes - - - getting these adorable fluff balls socialized is MUCH easier at this stage than later on!!! (not that ANY age is impossible - - -it's just that it gets harder the older they get - - - many people on this site - - myself included - - have even socialized adults. But babies are a MILLION times easier!

Keep us posted!!!!!!