My Cat's Weird Preferences.


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Sep 26, 2022
My Senior cat:
Likes hard surfaces. She will refuse a soft comfy cushiony surface and nap on a hard carpeted floor during the day.

At night she will go to a super firm mattress and sleep on that before coming into my room and stretching out at the foot of my hard mattress...only because it is an adjustable bed and goes up high.

She HATES blankets and would rather puff her fur up rather than snuggle under a blanket on the sunporch if it is a bit chilly.(I love to see her fur all puffed out because now that she is eating once again due to the Mirataz her coat colors are brighter and healthier now)

She does like the thin faux fleece coverings I put at the foot of my bed for her to lay on. 2 nights ago I mistakenly kicked off the covering and she dropped her head, staring at the floor looking very sad for several minutes until I put it back on...PROPERLY..that is..with no wrinkles. Although she does hop up on the comforter during the day, the fleece is her preference at night..and it better be there.

She hates boxes.

She hates toys except fake mice.

She is addicted to Cat TV on You Tube and has her own Kindle.

She will not touch Renal Kibble, even while on a topical appetite stimulant. I have a jar in which I put treats in with the kibble. I feed her a treat and then several kibble and she thinks they are treats from the absorbed aroma! Mom's trickery. So when she meows for treats and longingly looks at the jar, I give her Renal Kibble and all is hunky dory!

She is strange, but she is back to swaning around the house with her tail high and curled over her back telling me she is, at least. ODAT
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Jun 13, 2018
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I think you would find that many of her weird preferences are shared by other cats - maybe not all of them with any given cat, but at least one or two of them.

Feeby likes to lay on a metal chest (covered with nothing more than a towel) at the end of our bed sometimes rather than on the bed. She is not particularly fond of being covered up either, but she has some items that she does like to lay on. One rather odd item happened by accident - a pair of my husband's shorts was left on the bed, and she decided that was the best place to lay. Now, a pair of shorts are deliberately placed on the bed during the day and that is where she chooses to lay a lot of the time.

Feeby does not like any toys (except for an old shoestring), and she very quickly tired of any kind of laser, realizing she was never going to 'catch it'. She does not like squirrel, cat, or bird videos and it only took her one or two times of watching them for a minute or so before she realized they were fake.

Cats are all 'quirky' in their own right!!!