my cats are scared its been a year

11 yr old brother and sis

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Aug 12, 2022
this is the million and one time i told this story, i already got goose bumps!!! my two cats are 11 yrs old born in the middle of my bed in the middle of the night , my dog barks one time i wake and see whats happening we squeezed to the edge of the bed and when my dog and i woke the 6 kittens were ready for display, she was the best mommy in the whole world, to bad she didnt know how to cross the street!!!! i have two of her kittens Tiger and Precious .. Precious was the runt and very small and delicate , all she has done for 10years is purr and prop her butt as high as possible to show me how pretty she is !!! Now there 11 and she does more than purr , she hunts in my house , i cant keep her safe anymore, it brakes me , im 52 yrs old a cancer , and the great protector of all , but my cats are scared and I cant help them ,, so 6 months ago, after a year of my helplessness i moved from a home i own free and clear and lived in for 7 years !!! the cats are doing better now , it took several months for them to stop hunting 24/7 in the new house , I believe this new house is blessed and there are good spirits , i thinks the cats agree with me now , well maybe not Tiger so much i think he is still consuming them somehow !!!!!! Everyone always said they felt something in my house, i would respond with , well if there is , then my daddy is here and we are protected, he died 45 yrs ago when i was seven !! I never thought anything about the house being haunted , untill the day i went down stairs to feed my dog and cats also clean there kitty litter box !!! for 6yrs this was the routine , i cut a hole in the basement door so my cats can come and go downstairs !! my son was 4 and my dog was 8yrs old when we moved into the house ! I cant count high enough to tell you how many times them cats got chased down that hole and into the basement were they were safe from a 4 yr old boy and my blue healer . For me it all starts with ( goose bumps all over , 1,000,001 time telling this story ) ok here we go , i come up the basement steps telling my friend how weird it was that my cats haven't eaten in two days !! Something was wrong i couldnt get them to go down stairs ! I end up bringing precious downstairs she hasn't eaten in at least 3 days maybe up to 5days ! She lays down on her belly all 4 feet touching the ground , she puts her nose onto the concrete floor and just smells for maybe a minute and then gets up and proceeds to do a search pattern of my 600 sq ft basement with her nose on the ground two figure 8 covered the territory, then she ran upstair , she did not eat or get on the food table only started her search under the table !! very little stuff in my basement yet she looked behind everything looking for something and trying to pick up its scent ! i dont think they can smell it or its very faint !! i started taking notes immediately since so much stuff had already happened in the house already ! after 7 days the cats had eaten 1 1/2 days of food , i brought some food up stairs , i kept them hungry , i was in disbelief on why they were scared to go anywhere near the hole in the door that leads to downstairs , there food , cat box , plus safety from my son and dog!! the first date i wrote down was april 29th , with a side note of may have started a day or two earlier ! so it started on april 25th,26th,or 27th !!! I have to go for now , the crazy stories are almost endless !! ill leave you with the first of it all , the start of my cats nightmare . I have custody of my 10 yr old and have been fighting for him in court . His aunt on his mothers side said some stuff to my son were i couldnt allow my baby to have any contact or communication with her !!! she was a lawyer for 25 yrs , an attorney for the jackson county prosecutor's office in kc mo. .I say was because she was found dead on nov. 6th 2020 in her home from an apparent suicide ! this sweet women who was the most innocent of us all !!!! took her life because she alienated herself from my son Robby's life !!!! we needed her so much,and she gave us so much help, i dont know why it had to be all or nothing , we still need her and now she knows the truth , because she is still here with us and i couldnt be more happy for Robby to have such a powerful guardian angle , i assume she is because she was the most innocent in this world so she must be the most in that world !! Her birth day is April 25 th !! the day it all started for me and the cats , for it had already started for Robby , he was already seeing stuff in the house yrs earlier like the little girl at the top of the stairs or the fact he picked out a picture of my day taken at olen mills photograph studio just days before he died of hodgkins cancer at kiser hospital in 1977 !!! He reached across the coffee table at 6 yrs old and said thats who i seen daddy !! he never seen the picture and didn't know he pointed at his grandpa!!! That's the surface , maybe 1percent of this , it continued for a year the stories are crazier and crazier each one, a yr of my cats hunting in my house and scared to go downstairs !! They seen something that scared them to death they both seen it and i believe they only seen it once !!!!! Im shaking writing this , im 225 pounds almost all mussel even though i dont work out , I just dont know, its all happening to me and i cant believe , with first hand knowledge , IDK


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Apr 29, 2022
I'm sorry but I find your post very confusing. I'm not really sure what's wrong with your cats other than afraid to go in the basement. Is it truly necessary for them to go downstairs? You should feed them where they are comfortable.

It's best to make a "base camp" for your cats with their things and it gives them space to be comfortable. Try not to force them to go places they don't like. You can encourage them to explore...but they need that safe base camp first. Cats have long memories and if something hurt them or scared them (even something small like a spider bite got one and then they both ran off....) then they associate the place/people with that hurt/fear sometimes.

Can you have the hole covered in some way? Even closing the door to that area or covering with a curtain could help.

There's also cat calming music on YouTube. I recommend choosing any with purring in it.


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Oct 16, 2015
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I agree with A Alldara . No matter what may be happening in your basement, your cats need to be brought upstairs, along with their food, water, and litter boxes, and set up in a safe place for them. If necessary, give them a room of their own where the dog and child can't bother them.

As to exactly what might be going on that upset them, I won't hazard a guess. If you truly think something paranormal is happening, then I recommend you check online for investigators in your general area. Most of them are more than willing to travel a reasonable distance to investigate a house, and very few of them charge anything at all. But until you do that, KEEP THOSE CATS WHERE THEY FEEL SAFE!