My cat might have fainted?


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Jan 18, 2017
Hi all, my cat family is apparently continuing on their quest to bankrupt us. My spouse says our big orange boy had something weird happen today. He was excitedly watching several birds in the window when he suddenly flopped to his side. He was standing on his blanket on the desk at the window when this happened. My spouse thought he wanted to be petted because he sometimes flops on to his side like this to get attention. But this time the cat did not respond to touching or calling his name and his eyelids were flickering. He didn't go unconscious or have an accident or anything but my spouse says he seemed out of it. Then after a few seconds he jumped straight up vertically from the desk and over my spouse and landed on the floor. Like how a cat jumps if they see a snake or get really scared. And then sat on the floor and looked confused and scared for a few more seconds until he recognized my spouse. Then he was fine again and he asked for snuggles and went to sleep in his cat tree like usual. I didn't witness this but this is how my spouse described it.

This cat had full blood work and testing done back in March and he had surgical removal of a fatty tumor and 3 teeth extractions at the end of April. Everything went well and he is fully recovered. Bloodwork was all fine although his kidney values are maybe a bit on the high side. He is 7 years old. Do we need to take him to the vet again because of this?

Also if anyone has any vet recommendation in Austin, TX I would appreciate if you can post here or message me because we have struggled to find a great vet, especially for our other cat that has IBD and extreme anxiety.


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Jun 13, 2018
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It is unfortunate, but your cat probably could use to see a vet to see what testing might be appropriate to do based on him 'fainting'.

In addition to the source provided above, if you have the Next Door Neighbor web site, you might join (for free) and ask for vet referrals from anyone on the site who is a pet owner/lover.

Having all the records from your current vet to share with a new vet should help defray costs by avoiding repeat testing.