My cat fell from a high place


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Oct 31, 2019
Hi, I wanted to ask if anybody knew what I should do in this situation? I'll try not to leave anything out. This will be long.
My kitten is 2 months old (turning 3 months in a week) we call him baby when talking to him.
First, baby fell today from the 2nd floor. It's not a high fall, I wouldn't call it a short one though, he didn't get severely injured (thank god) We went to the vet immediately after, he also had fungus in certain areas and we're getting that treated as-well. For the fungus, he goes to the vet to take the medicine.
Regarding his fall, he only bruised his back a bit. We were told to give him a pill at 1:30pm everyday, it's a small pill so we should just put it in his food.
It's been about 10 hours since he fell and he's been sleeping most of that time, he usually plays and runs, and while I know I shouldn't expect him to do much with his back being hurt, I'm still worried. He woke up three or two times during those ten hours and played for about 20 minutes, he usually plays for longer. He didn't eat much but he ate Lunch early because he was going to the vet for his fungus before he fell. I'm worried the vet didn't examine him correctly. I want to wake up every hour to check that he's breathing fine, am I overreacting?
I reassured most of my family he's just healing, but the more I think about it the more I get worried. What should I do to make sure he's okay?


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Jun 13, 2018
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Hi. Do you know what this pill is for that he is to take at 1:30pm everyday? If it is pain meds, it could cause him to be sleepy. Theoretically, unless the pill is a too large of a dose for him, you should see him perk up a bit, close to when he is due another pill. How did the vet determine his back is bruised a bit? Has he eaten/drank water/used the litter box in these 10 hours? When are you due to go into the vets for the next fungus treatment? The answers to these might help.