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Murphy's Oil Soap OK?

Discussion in 'Grooming & General Cat Care' started by farleyv, May 24, 2010.

  1. farleyv

    farleyv Thread Starter TCS Member Top Cat

    Feb 19, 2009
    New York State
    I am in a cleaning state of mind today. Can I use diluted MOS in a spray bottle with water to clean the kitties hard surfaces? The window sills get dingy where they sit and their tables etc.

    I googled it and it seems people bathe their dogs in it? i don't think I would go that far.

  2. strange_wings

    strange_wings TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 20, 2006
    It's a cleaner that turns cloudy in water, general rule is that these are toxic. You cannot let your pets come in contact with them.

    However, flip the bottle over and read the back of it. Directions are to rinse the soap residue away after you've cleaned an area with murphy's. Doing this, and rinsing well with a bucket of clean water, should make it safe. I have had no problems and have used murphy's oil soap for years - my parents used it and we had pets, too.

    ETA: if you don't trust your ability to get it rinsed away well enough, you could probably find directions to make a DIY cleaner. Just know that cats have oils on their skin(and coat) so you will at least need a little dawn to break that down. [​IMG]

  3. momofmany

    momofmany TCS Member Veteran

    Here's a data sheet on it. http://www.kean.edu/fehs/forms/murph...oil%20soap.pdf

    Always check out the poison warnings for a product if you are unsure about it. I've been using Murphey's soap for many years (without rinsing afterwards) and have never had any issues with it (while I have had poisonings from vet prescribed flea products). I think a lot of it has to do with the sensitivity of an individual critter.

  4. farleyv

    farleyv Thread Starter TCS Member Top Cat

    Feb 19, 2009
    New York State
    Thanks for the info guys. I called the 800 and was told it was fine, but keep cats off for 1/2 hr after use.

    I just used it to wash their sills and stuff. I steam the floor. And I did heavily dilute it. Its good to know you have used it without any probs.

    Thanks again![​IMG]

  5. okuda

    okuda TCS Member Adult Cat

    30 minutes?! They obviously don't have cats! [​IMG]

    Mine are magnetically attracted to my freshly washed wooden floors. They look so shiny after I've mopped them except for the 3 sets of cat foot prints. [​IMG] I use Murphys soap and they've been fine.

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