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Moving from apartment to house... Help!


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Jul 14, 2014
Hey, I am moving from a 700 square foot apartment to a 2100 square foot house. My two cats have never lived in that much space. Lat November we moved to a new basement apartment, where one of my cats were very anxious and didn't get over it for weeks. He hid, wouldn't eat and acted really sad. He finally did get over it and now we are moving again. I would like to reduce his anxiety this time. 

The last time I moved the cats last after putting the bedroom together, and then kept them in there until the relaxed a little. I had the moving boxes out for weeks and their carrier so they could get used to it, I fed them small meals gave them all their toys and stayed with them. 

I don't know what else I could have done... any suggestions?  Ps. Just wanted to share two photos of my babies :) 



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Sep 21, 2013
Orange party

What you're doing is right. Just put them in a room, close it, spend lots of time with them in there and when you see them acclimating to the bedroom (either through your own instinct as a cat parent, or observation of behavior like sleeping with the tummy up, out in the open), slowly open up other parts of the house. Remember to gradually move the litterboxes too if you have better places for those. 


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Mar 25, 2014
San Francisco Bay Area
you could try some anti-anxiety stuff like the feliway diffuser, calming treats, calming collars...

The diffuser is especially good if you have them confined to a small room. 

Having their furniture and beds along with their scent should help, too... you could even rub a tissue under their chins and use it to distribute the scent elsewhere in the house later on


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Jan 29, 2014
Your cats are GORGEOUS !    

I did this several years ago ( moved from a small apt. to a house ) and some smart cat people told me to keep them in a small space, like a bathroom, even, with their familiar blankets and toys, and Feliway spray and Feliway diffuser....and gradually let them into the bedroom and then finally into the larger rooms.   This worked well for us.

I followed their directions because, In the very  distant past, I had done just the opposite, gone from a small space to a much larger, and just plopped them into the house full of boxes, all in shambles, letting them explore right away on their own........and I had some seriously stressed out kitties on my hands ( duh, learned the hard way )  and one even got a stress bladder infection a week later from all the comotion.  


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Jul 27, 2009
Very, very cute pictures. My cats had always lived in apartments (usually third floor) their entire lives, so when I moved into a house - I didn't really think too much about it it and just let them out and went about my business. Len was Mr. Superchill-Cat and rolled with it, but Roni had never even been on a ground floor before, much less a somewhat busy street. She would not come downstairs for 2-3 weeks (she was used to being up high), she hid, sometimes would come downstairs for brief stints, but ended up runing upstairs in terror. Eventually she got used to it and slowly started coming downstairs.

Patience, and what everyone else is saying is probably what I should have done. There are also some treats, I forget the name of the company -they are in the "healthy treats" section, called "Calming" (tan bag with a purple stripe on it). they may help along with the Feliway. Maybe hold them (if they tolerate that) and take them for walks around the house with petting, and the "good foo-foo" or whatever nickname they get when they are being calmed before confining them again, then graduate to putting them down as they get more comfy so they can sniff while you are around.

I should have handled Roni's stress over our move more effectively, but what's done can't be undone. Patience. I, like Theresa, had one very stressed cat. Len was like "ok, where's the chair and my box? Cool, we're good" - I guess it depends a lot on their temperaments too.

I didn't have time to read all the responses so if I repeated others' suggestions, my apologies for being redundant.

Good luck and congratulations with the move and hope all goes well for you, the family and the beautiful little kitties.


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Apr 17, 2010
We just moved from a large one bedroom apartment into a very large house this Spring. All of the cats loved it matter of fact even after introducing two kittens into the mix we never had any problems. Must have been lucky. They love running around the house.


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Aug 21, 2014
First off, your cats are beautiful!

I have moved several times with my cats.  Each time, they are stressed.  I found that if I put them in a large training crate used for dogs, and allow them to be in the room where I am unpacking and such they adapt easier and show less stress.  They can also become familiar with the various room and from the security of the cage learn that there is nothing that will harm them in their new home.  The more they see you and your husband behaving normally, they will accept their new environment.  I also found if I take time to breath and have play time with them, then they get their exercise and they distress from the day.  Also, aroma therapy, there is a plug in just like a room freshener that you can buy that has calming scents for your cat.  Other than this, talk to them.  Let them hear your voice.  If you are stressed and silent, they pick up on the stress and the silence will only add to their discomfort.  Last thing, get rid of the boxes as fast as you can.  They associate boxes with relocation and will add to their stress.  Keeping their carry cages out will also stress them.  Best that they are given a favorite blanket in a crate in the room you are working.  The blanket will provide a sense of security, the cage provides them with a sense of safety.  Your presence will provide them with an anchor that you are still Mom and Mom will protect them. 

  Good luck to you.