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Oct 23, 2000
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We've only just begun!

I hope to make these forums a place for all cat lovers on the net and I could use some help on the way!

I'm looking for moderators to run some of the forums. Think maybe you can help?

Here is a short FAQ that I compiled:

What do moderators do?

Well, basically moderators are people who are in charge of a specific forum. They visit that form at least once a day and check up on it. They try to answer questions that go unanswered and to stir up discussions. They're trying to get the forum going and to get as many people to post. Another thing that moderators do is check for inappropriate language or inappropriate posts and deal with it.

What qualities are you looking for in a moderator?
Well, you should be a cat person
Other than that, moderators should be friendly and put their heart into it. That's about sums it up I think.

Do moderators need to be experts in cats or any other field?
It will be nice to get experts for some of the forums, and I will be actively looking for vets, behavioral experts, breeders etc. and addressing them. It's hard to check anyone's credentials online, so I will probably first find these people and then ask them to moderate. If you are an expert in some field and wish to discuss this with me, please email me!

What special editing rights do moderators get?
Moderators can edit, delete and move threads or posts in their forum.

Do moderators receive guidance along the way?
Absolutely. In fact, as these forums are brand new, I look forward to having a group of moderators that will help me shape the look and feel of these forums. Anything that is related to moderating can and will be discussed freely among moderators.

How many moderators can a single forum have?
Each forum can have 2-3 moderators.
Can I moderate more then one forum?
Yes! If you have the time and energy to handle two forums that is definitely possible.

Do moderators receive special messages when someone posts on their forums or do they have to check for themselves several times a day? That is a possibility and is entirely up to the moderator.
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