Mentally challenged people who own dogs.


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Feb 13, 2007
So, after work today I decide that, indeed, since I've been paid I'm going to go to BJ's and use my brand new membership to buy cat litter and some other stuff.....I get finished shopping, and I head home to my kitties who.. I'm sure at this point are mobbing the door (as it was they were all in the windows). I pull into my parking space and open the car door. I hadn't even shut the car off yet, when the door to the *newest* next to the next door neighbor's house opens up. Out comes this big guy, I'm guessing one of the boyfriends of one of the three girls that live there... with an adorable dog.

I popped out of the car, a smile on my face, and started talking to the dog. I told him, what a lovely girl! And she was lovely. Shepard mix.. I'd say she might be mostly shepard.. but that's beside the point, I suppose. So, the dog ignores me completely. Why, you ask?? Because she's busy chasing squirrels. Not just chasing them around playing, but vehemently chasing these squirrels through bushes, up trees, racing all around the courtyards in pursuit of these squirrels.. The poor little things are terrified. She comes racing back, finally. One poor little squirrel is sitting on the handrail to the next door neighbor's (the house next to me), cowering down, frozen, watching the dog, fearing for it's little bushy tailed life... and this b*stard POINTS THE SQUIRREL OUT TO THE DOG, and smirks when she goes racing off after it.

I was like, yeah, so, you're dog likes to chase and terrorize squirrels, how quaint. Apparently he didn't get the sarcasm. He smirks a little more. I said, so, you want to fill me in on how she is with cats? He says, oh, she's good with cats she lives with, but I don't have any idea how she is with cats she doesn't know. I said, well, let me um, let's go with fill you in on something. The people in this courtyard sometimes walk their small animals out here... cats, small dogs..I've even seen ferrets, and there are a few cats around here, although generally people keep them indoors. I said.. so, let me tell you about me. I live two doors down. I own cats. They are indoor cats, but they do occasionally get outside. She's a really *cute* dog, and I have to say, I'm sure that you would be upset if she was dead, so I'm warning you that letting your dog run around this neighborhood, free, chasing small animals is not good for her health, because if she happens to catch one of my cats outside and hurts it, I'll kill her and then I'm going to come looking for you. Get a leash. Keep her on it, or there's going to be hell to pay.

And then I said I'm usually the nice neighbor, and I'm probably one of the easiest to get along with, really, I am, but this sh*t isn't going to fly, and I'm telling you now. He's like well, I don't live here. I said, so you brought your untrained ill behaved dog over here WITHOUT a leash??? You do know there's leash laws in this complex, right? And he's like well, I don't live here. I said, well, you're visiting someone who does and they apply to you.

I cannot believe that *insert many various and ear burning curses here* pig had the *refraining from adding a whole bunch more curse words here* bring an unleashed wild dog out here to run about. He doesn't say anything... he takes the dog inside.

So I go inside, making my many trips with my stuff from BJs.. and I go to call my sister to tell her to be extra sure when she comes in not to let the cats out...and doesn't the flaming imbecile go running past the house after this dog AGAIN because she doesn't listen and she's busy running through the townhouses' various courtyards after squirrels.. and I see them go past the window..

I swear to god I will hurt him.