Max! Biscuit Maker Extraordinaire!

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Aug 22, 2022
Max got a little congested and I rushed him to the vet after he spooked me with a couple days of lethargy (in hindsight I think he was just pouting about being out of Tiny Tiger while the delivery ran late, he only tolerates Tiki Cat). He's a healthy boy who has a little kitty cold at worst but no sign of Upper Respiratory distress or fever. Lungs and heart sounded good, his fur is shiny smooth, eyes bright, teeth perfect, all was well. The vet said he was so cute his face should be printed on a cat food can, haha...

They gave me a jar of Lysine powder for his food in case it's a herpes flair up but said not to worry as long as there's no changes to his eating/pottying or signs of discharge from his eyes/nose. Max-1 Me-0 , he really showed off my hair trigger fear response when it comes to his health.

Anyhoo, here's some up to date photos of my Not All That Unwell son:

Bonus detail: I finally had the vet check out his legs because he's always had a frequent habit of flopping sideways and crawling around dragging his legs. She says his legs are A-OK and he's just a silly little weirdo and probably just likes how it feels.​