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Man Suspected of Killing Another Cat


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Dec 16, 2004
Los Angeles
I have been writing about this in two other threads, but maybe this is the best one.

I live in an apartment complex that has a colony of cats in the garden outside. Over the period of a year or so all of them were neutered or spayed. There are still unfixed visitors from the other parts of the complex. A man who lives here feeds the cats daily and I have been trying to provide shelters and vet care when possible.

About a year ago two "visiting" cats were murdered and their bodies left just outside our fenced area. In September 2004 one of colony cats just disappeared. About six months ago a man who lives here was seen shooting cats with a slingshot. He was reported to the L.A. County Animal Control, investigated and fined. I don't know if he ever paid his fine.

About three weeks ago the star of our colony -- a white male named Whitey -- disappeared. I couldn't be more upset about this and I suspect the same man. I called Animal Control and reported it. At first they told me that they couldn't investigate a missing cat, but finally realized that I was saying it could be a repeat offense. While I was talking to a man, a no-nonsense sounding woman came on the line, she asked me if the shooter had been witnessed and I told her yes, she said that she would "try to do something about this" and just hung up.

Since then I've made a report to the Los Angeles SPCA by way of their website.

Is there anything I can do to find out if anything is actually being done? Is there anyone else I should notify?

I am very fearful for the five cats that are still in the garden and for the visiting cats. (I took three of the tamest to a local no-kill shelter.) One person has suggested I bring in the two of the tamer and foster them until homes can be found, but what about the other three that won't let anyone touch them? Or the visiting cats?

Killing cats is a felony in California. We live in Section 8 housing and it is my understanding that no one convicted of a felony can live here, so this man has a lot at stake, but I doubt if he realizes that.

I'd appreciate any help you can offer me.


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Jan 2, 2005
Eastern California,USA
Oh, Katie - what a tough situation! Please keep up your good works. As for advice, I don't have anything specific, just some ideas. For starters, I would call the district attorney's office, and let them know that you need some guidelines for what they need in order to prosecute (be sure to let them know that you have an eyewitness, and whether or not this witness would be willing to testify). Also, I would call The Law Offices of Jennifer L. Smietana (I found them on an internet search). They are in Dana Point; the phone no. is 949-218-2002 (www.smietanalaw.com). They specialize in animal rights; maybe they could give you some real advice. You might also contact the local law enforcement - they may just tell you it's animal control's business, or perhaps you could find someone in the Special Investigations Unit who would give you a sympathetic ear. I know your frustration. Once, there was a very sick bull in a field owned by L.A.D.W.P. There's no SPCA in our area of the state, and no one wanted to get this bull a vet (he had huge, grotesque hooves, he was moaning & couldn't walk, after a week, he emitted a horrible stench & was very emaciated). Finally, the Mono County Animal Control was able to contact someone in LADWP to lean on the rancher to get out the vet, & the bull was hauled away, to whatever fate, I did not learn, but I'm sure it was better than what it was.So, don't give up the fight & if you just want some moral support PM me & we can write or talk. Also, my dad had a similar situation in a trailer that he lived at & he finally got things rectified - I will ask him if he has any suggestions. Meanwhile, I'll pray & light a candle for answers for you and protection for the cats. Take Care, Susan