Mama cat puked up blood?


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Apr 22, 2023
We have a mama cat that is in need of immediate vet assistance! She was found as a stray/dumped. We She was heavily pregnant when we found her and had kittens only a week later. She has done wonderful this entire time with no health concerns ... the kittens are 8 weeks next week. This morning I went in to tend to everyone and noticed a spot of reddish pink foamy looking stuff on the floor. The kittens are as active as ever and show no signs of feeling ill.. however mama cat was acting a bit off.. So we're assuming it's her? To be fair, we don't know for a fact that it is her, but Shes usually stands and meows to greet us, but she stayed loved in the floor with no sounds. She also usually eats her entire bowl of food between filling it the day before and today it was barely touched., she's been having some running stools lately but not bloody and has been using the bathroom and drinking just fine. She is still drinking today. We assumed that soft stools were due to her sneaking some of her kittens soft kitten food.. but now we are not so sure.. we actually have all kittens and mama cat homes lined up as we just took them in to allow a safe and comfortable place to have the babies and find them actual homes. But we are not in a position where we can take her to a vet financially currently. Should I attempt to find somebody who is willing and able to help immediately? Even if this means she leaves the kittens a week early? They are all eating mostly dry food and using the litter box without problems. Or should we give it a day or two to assure that it is her? We have a camera set up with motion alerts now, so hopefully we will be able to find out who for certain if it happens again.. But I'm just so worried about her, and puking blood is never a good sign. I wish we could afford to take her to the vet immediately, but it's just not something I'm able to do.
Please be kind, I'm trying to do best by her.



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Aug 13, 2009
Unfortunately, we are not Vets here :sigh:. Can you contact the person who is going to adopt this mama and ask them if they will take her to the Vet. And since the babies are only 7 weeks old, perhaps her new owners would be willing to return her to you after the visit. If not, better than nothing if her life might be in danger. I'm not saying it is, but if she completely stops eating , it will be.

Let us know what happens.