Make me feel better about my kitties leg...


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Oct 11, 2011
South Dakota
Okay so I've had my cat Neka for close to a year now. 

A few weeks ago I started hearing a clicking/cracking noise with my cats front right leg. I just assumed that it was like cracking knuckles except for like a cat. It doesn't happen when she walks or runs, only when she's bending to sit/lay down. She's still hyper active and is not limping, and doesn't seem to be in pain. 

At first I just ignored it because other than the noise there were no other symptoms (no limping, still active, etc.) except at times when she was standing at times she'll lift her front right paw like she wants to hang it limply but then she puts it back down. It looks like a dog would do for a hand shake command, except my cat does not "shake" with her paws. 



Gender: Female

Age: A little over one years old, her dob was march 2011

Breed: Sbt Savannah

Genetics: With her there is a bone issue in her tail, at the very end it's curled slightly and at the base of the tail it's slightly bigger than it should be. Not sure if this could be a pre-curser to other bone issues... The vet said it was fine when I first got her a year ago...

Activities that could have caused it: Jumping! She jumps all the time and she's always super active as like most of her breed. She climbs over everything and every now and then she will fall but usually from small heights like off the window sill but always seems to land nicely. I'm more of worried if maybe something happened while I wasn't home. However she does also jump off the fridge when she gets up there... However she's always landed normally from there too, I just know it's hard on her joints and she doesn't listen to the word "no". 

Anyway back to why I'm worried. With the clicking/cracking noise from her right paw as it had been several weeks I wanted to call a vet to see if this would eventually go away. I figured at most maybe she hurt something slightly but that it would heal. Well the vet I talked to didn't think so (called today, free vet advice, it's nice..) and thinks I should have an orthopedic vet look at the leg. Thankfully my normal vet is also a orthopedic vet and I plan on calling him tomorrow as he also knows her history. But the vet I talked to today thought that a) this type of thing doesn't heal on its own and b) that surgery could be required if it's a ligament type issue. 

So it'll be around 55 dollars for the initial visit. Then probably around 100 if an x-ray is needed and then who knows how much if future things are required like surgery. I'm trying to think of my pet but I also have to watch my money right now because in August I'm closing on a new house and I do not want this to mess with that...

However I'm also worried about my cat because I love her and don't want her to be in pain. While I know she doesn't seem to be in pain now, she likely will be as she gets older... But if surgery is required which would be worse? I didn't have my cats claws removed because I didn't want her to go through that surgery (well also because of behavior) but I couldn't stand to think of her paws being cut open... I REALLY don't want to think of her arm being cut open or something... 

Ugh, I'm getting ahead of myself, just wait to call the vet tomorrow and hope for the best... if Neka and I are really lucky it'll be nothing and it'll go away naturally...

Any ideas on what else it could be? Preferably something that is healed easily?... 


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Nov 5, 2011
I have no experience with this except that my 12 year old cat has osteoarthritis and I give her GLC 1000 and she has laser therapy on hips to help with the pain.  I also feed raw since there is evidence of raw helping with arthritis.  It also helps keep cats in proper weight with nice lean muscle which is important if your cat is experience ortho issues.

I can't really say you are getting ahead of yourself because that is my nature too;)  We panic when are babies may not be well after all it isn't like they can tell us what is going.