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Nov 26, 2023

TLDR: I want to know if feeding him cat nip or some thpe of sleep drug for cat or what can I give him at night.
Full story:

I have a cat named Ninja, a male just over 3 years old. Some things have changed in his life. I live on a roof top that is mostly outdoor space for all in the building. Ninja used to be allowed outside on it. And he hunted birds and bugs, often bringing them inside. Theres only 5 units on the roof. And the rest is larger than a gym outside patio.
The building changed the rules and if I let him out there, I can be evicted. The building isnt good, meaning no one is held to these standards but they have held me - even my parking in the garage they try to write me up and evict. Its a condo so staff have nothing to do with rent or damage. I have no issues like that. I hate condo living and cannot move unfortunately.

anyhow there were issues like yhe dead birds and bugs and Ninja refuses or escapes all collars. No one else has a pet up here, so its easy to be pegged. Anyhow, I have not let Ninja out for over a year now. The first few months I put up with Ninja destroying things near his old exit, yeowling, meowing, acting out aka running from another room in to my bedroom and up a ross the bed where I am - at full speed, in to a wall. Turning around and repeat the route.

closing the door he scratches yeowing meows body slams etc.

I have health issues. I cant put up with it. I dont believe in yelling at animals or people. But he has worn me down and I feel incredibly guilty. I have tried everything though - to train him. Stop him. Treats. Play etc.

I find a lot of the repetitve advice online fruitless. He has annual check ups and no health problems.
I have to be home all the time; I need home to be peaceful - calm. Relaxing. But he has made it hell.
I need my sleep - all the time. To the point I cant even have a boyfriend sleep over as theyre never quiet enough etc. I have sensitive hearing and chronic pain in my body.

thecat is 13 lbsso when he runs across my body its not cool. Also pls excuse the typos this is a very bad texting brick, every delete goes back 2 spaces and Im not editting this BS. Touch screen phone are balls as well. Pls forgive.

anyhoo Ninja seemed to get used to the winter season, he used to meow at that before the building rules changed.

being home all the time - Ive timed it. Ninja is insane. He wants more than 4 hours total attention a day. I cannot do that. I have prkbelms that stop me from doing home chores and normal functioning. I only have 0-2 hours of coherent energy a day and sometimes medication helps push that to 4 hours a day. But the remaining time cannot be put in to petting a cat playing w a cat. Its too much energy and at this point - too much stress.

i wasopposed to locking him in a room. But he could not be controlled by being locked out of the bed room. Even the chair blocking the door would begin clanging as everything is mettal etc. there has been no rest yhis past year.

i need actual solutions or I have to give him away eventually as he is erroding my mental health when he is supposed to be helpful for that.
Feeding him and the cat litter cleaning is all I can do for him and less than 4 hours play.

i tried during the oandemic, to give him as much play or attention but that 4 hours would just get longer. Literally every time I try to do ANYTHING. Watch a tv educational job training video shit - hes there meowingdistracting and acting like an idiot. I thought he had an underdtanding that “dtop” and “get out” meant. He used to do those but come back in leas than an hour and repeat.
I get the impression he likes this weird routine hes created bc he is such a suck for attention. Endless.

Icant even relax and watch a movie without cat idiot shit going on - and after a day of struggling to work and use my small 0-2 hours of time a day to care for myself…

its messed up. I finallyfelt relaxed the first night I locked him away. But I wont have the space when I eventually do move, in the distant future. And thats why I think Ill have to give him up. I go him so I wouldnt be alone all the time but this is detrimental to my life.

i have already tried playing to tire him out even at nught or right before but in all honesty, the end of yhe day is the worst time to ask me to perform a task. Its when I need to relax and routine and alone down time.

the wave of relief the secondnight. I hadnt felt in over a year. Other people when I wrote onkine in non cat specific places - seem to think Im nuts. That theres no way I like cats. Which makes no sense. Now, ninja is meowing and yeowing in the morning when I release him. Is in my face literally for at least 10 mins. An hour later he started his Bullshit heaviour. And I cant take it anymore! I need a calm quiet house cat. Not a menace!
He used yo be ok locked out of the bedroom and run and play in the main room all night. Id hear him someyimes running but that didnt bother me at all.
I want to know if feeding him cat nip or some thpe of sleep drug for cat or what can I give him at night.
he has the basics - food clean litter and an hour or two of attention per day. But I cant get anything done.
He even gets in the way ANYTIME Im doing ANYTHING. He gets in the way of my walking to the kitchen. Cleaning. Moving anything around. Watering plants. Like what the hell. He has perches, and only say 1/10 times does he use it to watch me instead of getting in the way.


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Nov 25, 2023
First of all, I am so sorry you are going through this. I have had cats my whole life and have never had one need this much attention besides my pregnant mamma and then of course her babies. First question or piece of advice as he seems very anxious. It may not be the attention but the closeness to you that he is seeking. They have anxiety meds that can calm them pretty well. Also, is he fixed? This could play a huge role especially if he was used to going out and now can't. If he isn't, get him fixed it will save your sanity! Also, you can burn incense but burn things for calming like Lavender. I'd love to hear back from you. I just found this forum yesterday so, I am still learning the ropes!

I would also ask his vet about giving him anything.
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Feb 28, 2012
I Imjustsolittle I'm also wondering whether your boy has been neutered as that definitely will make a difference.

Please do not use incense as the smoke and ingredients can be bad for cats. Have you tried a Feliway Diffuser? Some cats find that really works.

I wonder whether he would like cat videos.. mine adore them. This is a mouse one, but there are heaps of options.


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Nov 27, 2023
I have a cat that likes to scratch on doors/cabinets/walls at night; I think this is attention seeking/anxious behavior. Not as bad as what you're saying but I somewhat understand.

Here's what we do:
  • At night, play for 5 mins before bed. Rest for 1-2 minutes. Play for five more minutes. Rinse, repeat for as long as you can.
  • We give him treats at night before bed. To him this means late treats = bedtime, so he knows its time to rest.
  • White noise machine/air purifier to drown out sounds.
I'd also suggest anti-anxiety medication for your cat. It sounds like he's got some serious anxiety. You can also try the Feliway spray/collars but IDK if they actually work. If he's been outdoor before, maybe harness training and walks? If you're unable to walk him yourself try to talk to local cat owners/pet walkers who could do so for you. Or even drives with him if you have a car & he's not afraid.

Cat videos on YouTube might also help distract him, or remote control toys. Talk to your vet about clicker training, even. And fix him if he isn't already.

Don't do anything with essential oils or incense please! It can hurt cats and won't work regardless.