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(Mods: not sure if this should be in the "gingivitis" thread. By all means move it there if appropriate).

Hello Dr. Jean,

I am curious about a product and am wondering if you know anything about it. It is an herbal dental spray called Leba III. http://www.lebalab.com/ They claim it can dissolve tartar (not just plaque, but tartar), potentially eliminating the need for a dental cleaning. Do you have any thoughts or experience with this product- its effectiveness, safety, etc.?


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Hi - I was just going to post a thread about Leba also! There's another product that sounds similar, except it's in gel form for cats: www.petzlife.com.

My vet was concerned about the amount of alcohol they contained. She though it might irritate sensitive tissues in the mouth.

I'm very interested to hear your opinion on these products. Are they breakthrough or hype? Thanks, Dr. Jean.


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Most likely hype, but I'll contact our local veterinary dentist and see what he thinks!


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I've used both Leba III (recommended by my vet) and Petz Life spray for my dogs. I haven't tried it much on the cats because they REALLY hated the taste! The Petz Life comes in a formula for cats which contains salmon oil and might go over a little better than the spray...
The Leba III did improve the appearance of my dogs' teeth-- it got rid of some of the brown/yellow staining, but the Petz Life worked even better. The Petz Life spray also got rid of my Golden Retriever's bad breath (only when I used it regularly) which is a huge plus! When I was using it I didn't realize at first about the breath, but then one day I was leaning over and felt something hot on my face-- I didn't know what it was until suddenly I realized it she was breathing on me.
Normally I would have known it was her immediately because of the smell, but there was no smell!


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I've used it and it does remove tartar -- not all of it, but teeth are noticeably whiter after a months use -- however, it won't do a thing for gingivitis, since it doesn't get under the gums. Mellie was discovered to have just a touch of gingivitis at her last exam, and my vet recommended a product called MaxiGuard OraZn "neutralized zinc" which seems to have helped to stave off a dental.

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