Kitty with sensitive tummy keeps losing weight


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Apr 5, 2020
Hello! Issue is as the title states.

Some info about kitty is
- 1 yr 2 mths old female
- weight less than 3kg
- mixed-breed (extremely mixed! bloodline includes munchkin, russian grey, british longhair)
- playful, but not extremely active
- eats quite alot (around 4 big meals a day)

I've had her for almost a year now and we've gone through multiple trial-and-errors with her feeding. We used to give her normal cat food like Whiskas or Friskies but she developed a sort of allergy against them and got diarrhea and hemorrhoids. Then we switched her to Royal Canin second age kitten dry food, and she responded very well to it and gained weight gradually.

When she hit 12 months, I tried to switch her to Royal Canin Regular Sensible & other variations of adult RC foods but they seemed to be too heavy for her and she would vomit it out. She also can't eat wet food daily or else she would puke it out too.

We went back to giving her the RC 2nd age kitten formula but it seems to have lost its initial effect and she won't gain weight. I expected this to happen as kitten food probably wouldn't give her enough nutrition. However, she seems to be consistently losing weight no matter what we feed her. She also has no interest in any other cat food other than the RC 2nd age kitten formula.

I mentioned her breed as I know that certain breeds are more susceptible to developing medical conditions and her parents were cross-breed offsprings and cross-bred again (her previous owners were extremely irresponsible and thats why we adopted her). As of now, she hasnt been exhibiting any abnormal behaviour and her stool & pee have been normal as well. I'm going to closely monitor her for now but I would like to know if anyone has ever experienced anything similar with their cat? and if anyone has any suggestions on how i should go about this?

Katy Perkins

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Jan 14, 2021
My cat Giles has a very sensitive stomach, I have had to switch his diet around a few times. There are lots of different cat foods out there which are better for cats with sensitive stomachs. I'd recommend Hill Science or Halo Spots. But firstly, it is important to understand whether or not the sensitivity is coming from a food intolerance/overeating/allergies. I'd agree with Letrisa that it is best to stick to protein such as turkey or chicken - these are all very natural diets and you know what you are feeding your cat when you put this in his/her bowl. There are plenty of sites that provide cat diet recipes using these ingredients.


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Aug 13, 2009
Kitten food is actually very nutritious, so I wouldn't worry about feeding that for her entire life if that's all she will eat, however, the fact that she is now losing weight is worrisome. You definitely need to get a Vet involved at this point, because losing weight when eating consistenly is not normal. She may have some issue with the nutrients not reaching her body. (malabsorption)

If the Vet recommends yet another food, you might try crushing some of her existing food and sprinking it on top or even mixing it in with the other food to get her to eat it.