Kitty Eating/Pulling Up Carpet

purrfect mom

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Apr 10, 2020
This thread is so great. I started reading bc my cat has just been trying to chew on fibers on the couch - just started - then threw up several hours later. She has thrown up before and I've seen her try to chew on my hair but not on the couch fibers. I
don't think her breath is bad. She did get 2 diff. kinds of wet food today but think she only ate one type.
But, yes, re Covid, my pre-apptmt with vet not until Oct 15th - and that's not even the spay! The heat things has been just terrible. I tried the pheromes thing you plug in the wall, hemp oil, and one other thing to try and calm her down. Lots of petting. If anyone has any thoughts on natural remedies please let me know!
As days are getting shorter, should help.
I too, do not like idea of FB but a friend just helped me get on to it mainly so I could connect with cat groups. Though I love this site.
Does anyone have any fave cat fb groups? Would dearly love to know about them!
And I am wondering whether anyone has a Maine coon. I think one of my kittens may have had a maine coon dad bc her tail (5 mo old kitten) is 1' long, extremely fuzzy/wide.


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Jul 22, 2020
I noticed Boone and Gracie (mostly Gracie) tried to chew on the corner of a small throw rug I put out recently in our kitchen. They did it for about a day off and on and then stopped. Corner is a little gnawed up but hardly noticeable.