Kitten Sneezing, Vomiting And Mild Diarrhea


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Mar 30, 2018
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Hi everyone

I have 7 cats at my home. 3 of them are 8 months old.

2 weeks ago, 1 of them suddenly become ill, didn't want to eat and vomiting. I brought him to the vet, and got result positive on FPV test. 12 hours later he died.

Soon after that, 1 another kitten (named Leo) become ill too with high fever. He got blood test and FPV test, but the result is negative. Leo was treated on vet for a week, but because he didn't show any FPV symptom, he has returned home since last week. He was diagnosed flu only.

Another cats in my home also didn't show any ill at all.

But suddenly, since 3 days ago, Leo started to vomit of food and white foam. But he still eat a lot.

Since last night, Leo started to sneezing a lot, and I found a mild diarrhea on the litter box, most probably from him. But he still want to eat even though look less active since last night.

Does anyone can help me, what happen to him? Since last night I have given him flu medicine and vitamin


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Dec 5, 2017
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Southern U.S.
I am so sorry about your lost kitty! :alright:You need to get the other one back to the vet. Did they check for parasites and Coccidia? If he seems to get really dehydrated and weak my vet has me give a little bit of diluted, half water and half unflavored Pedialyte to get sick kitties through the night. The best answer is always to get him to the vet. Please post back and let us know how he is doing.