Kitten pulling out fur


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Mar 2, 2014
My kitten is six months old and I adopted him when he was four months old. I noticed right away that Thompson was pulling out his and excessively grooming. The cat rescue took him back in as a rescue cat to see the veterinarian who gave him a Depo-Medrol shot. Thompson seem to settle down quite nicely and all of his hair grew back.
Last week Thompson had a seizure which I think was from running into the table. I of course rushed him to the emergency veterinarian.
They did bloodwork on Thompson and showed an elevated neutrophil count which would be explained by his upper respiratory infection.
About five days after his seizure I noticed that he has been excessively grooming again and pulling out his hair.
The vet originally thought that he had a food allergy or could be stress related.
Which is hard to tell at this point again...
I have been reading that an elevated neutrophil count can also be from inflammation so if he had an allergy that would also explain his high neutrophils.
I am taking him back for a follow-up visit to the vet tomorrow but I just don't know what to do now.
Not sure if it's just stress related or something else just wondering if anybody else has had a cat that has done this...


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Nov 20, 2008
Burlington, North Carolina
We had a cat who over groomed when she first came to us.  Once she got into a routine, she stopped.

Makes me wonder if it is stress and that the seizure and subsequent vet trip may have triggered it again.  Have you tried any of the calming treats or Spirit Essences (for his water).  I know my cats respond pretty quickly to the Composure Treats (I get them on Amazon).

Ask the vet if these might offer the same relief as the Depo-Medrol.  I know the Depo-Medrol is a steroid, so it would be a different approach.  But maybe calming the cat will help him stop over grooming.