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Jan 13, 2022
Just a quick question. (It might sound little stupid)..but..

I am introducing my new kitten and my 9 yr old resident cat. Both are very affectionate. The resident cat used to live with dogs, and loves to greet people.

Anyhow, I live in one bedroom apt. Thus, the new kitten is being separated in my room. (My bathroom is super tiny with no I decided to let the kitten have my bedroom). But since then, because I did not want to upset my resident cat, I slept on my couch for past 2 days...

My resident cat used to sleep with me all the time during the night. (And normally, when I am not around her main spot was living round (couch). So... I'm wondering if I decide to sleep in my bedroom where the new kitten is.... I would like to know if this will cause her to hate new kitten or become jealous...

Just a little history about my cat
I got her when she was a kitten. At that time, I had a dog. So they grew up with each other. Eventually, my school got really busy.. so my parents took care of them (while having 2 other dogs of their own). However, when my dog passed away, the dynamic changed and it seemed that my cat and parents' dogs were not getting along at all. Hence, my mom asked one of church members to take care of my cat for short period of time... which ended up to be 2 years..(as only cat). Meanwhile, I got through busiest part of my school... hence, I was able to get my cat back 2 months ago.


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Oct 16, 2015
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It might cause a little jealousy. Have you considered kitten-proofing the main area, and on the nights you sleep in the bedroom, allow the kitten to have the main area, and take your cat to the bedroom with you? It would take a bit of shuffling supplies, but the good thing is that the scents of both cat would be mingled all over the apartment.