Kitten food for adult cats


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Apr 20, 2022
Hi :wave3:
I hope I’m in the right area.
I wanted to know if apart from possible weight gain from the extra calories, if there are any other issues to my girl eating kitten food?

She fairly recently had a litter and was on kitten food throughout and through weaning. Now that the babies are grown, I started feeding her back on adult food with our other cat but she isn’t as keen as before. It’s food she previously loved, and whilst she will eat it, she would much rather have the kitten one and will have it if the kittens leave any. Her food is the same brand as the kitten food, and I’m not aware of any recipe changes so I’m unsure why this is. Could she maybe just be used to eating the kitten food and now prefers it?

As I said she does still eat the other food, which we got in a few more different flavours since her change in case maybe she was feeling bored but she’s much more keen for that kitten food regardless!
This is strange of her because she’s never been a fussy eater at all. She saw the vet a week ago for a check up, the kittens are due to go back in 2 weeks time so I think I’ll speak to the vet then about it and see what she says. It’s not a major concern but I wonder if she’s feeling like she’s lacking nutrients by switching back

In the meantime, are there any other issues/concerns or could I realistically feed her the kitten food and just watch her weight?
Thanks in advance :)


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Jan 9, 2018
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Could she maybe just be used to eating the kitten food and now prefers it?
I'm not a vet but personally I don't see a huge problem with this. I'd let her have what she wants, as you commented keep an eye on her weight, and in the future see if she'll accept the other foods you obtained :)


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Dec 25, 2015
I fed my adult cat kitten food when she needed to gain weight and needed the extra calories. I'm not sure I'd feed it long-term but I'm sure its fine for a little while. It's always much better for her to eat something than nothing after all :) Maybe you can very slowly over a matter of weeks mix a little adult food with the kitten food, then a little bit more, etc. until you get her fully on adult food again. My guess would be feeding kitten food to an adult long-term would lead to weight gain and too much fat which is why I would only do it for short periods though at this stage, maybe she is still recovering from birth and nursing, and needs those extra calories.