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  1. pickledfairy

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    Jun 27, 2017
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    I have a a litter of 4 week old foster kittens who are doing great at weaning and litter training, however they also love to snack on their litter. I am using a non-clumping clay litter but still worry. I tried to switch to Yesterday's News but they started going outside the box, I'm assuming because they were used to the clay litter. I've heard others talk about World's Best cat litter, but I cannot find it in non-clumping format, which I have always learned is a must for kittens who under 8 weeks for this very reason.
    Should I be concerned about their snacking habits or just scoop it out of their mouths when I catch them (I am obviously not with them 24/7) and hope they grow out of it soon?


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  2. Draco

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    eating clay litter isn't healthy for them to get into this habit, even non-clumping.

    Kittens are curious and is finding out what's food and what's not food.

    I'd try to switch, slowly, to a different brand. Try something more natural like crushed corn that won't hurt them if eaten
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    Do stop them and take any litter out of their mouths if you catch them.

    Do they have dry kitten chow to snack on between wet food meals?
  4. pickledfairy

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    Jun 27, 2017
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    Yes, they are eating dry kitten good as well as wet and still nursing from mom. I'm at the pet store now, surrounded by cat litter and overwhelmed. Worlds Best Car Litter is one I see recommended often on fostering sites, it is corn based, but clumps. Arm & Hammer makes one that is 100% Pine and Cedar, but I can't imagine that's great to ingest either. I'm at a loss as to which is best.
  5. Karen77

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    Oct 5, 2017
    We had a foster kitten that would eat the non-clumping litter. I think it was Fresh Step that we used. With him it was more curiosity I think. He just wasn't sure yet what was food and what wasn't. We'd take it out of his mouth when we saw him do it, but obviously he probably ate some when we weren't around. It never affected him negatively. But when we did switch him to clumping litter he got super sick and needed and emergency vet visit. We thought he was over the litter eating phase but obviously he wasn't. So while none of them are exactly ideal food for cats, our foster survived eating who knows how much of Fresh Step non-clumping.
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  6. dahli6

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    Nov 16, 2016
    When I catch them doing this I clean their mouths and set them at the kibble. They don't seem to do it for very long though.
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  7. pickledfairy

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    Jun 27, 2017
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    I went with a corn based mixed with the clay I was using hoping they won't stop using the box like they did with the Yesterday's News. So far so good. I haven't noticed any nibbling today but haven't been with them as much as usual due to a number of doctors appointments. I'm hoping they will grow out of this phase soon. I will keep taking it out of their mouths as I see them doing it and redirecting them to their kibble. Thanks for all of the help and reassurances.
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