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Hi Pam. Thank you for being here.

We have 2 indoor cats since kittenhood, Oliver, 13 and Tripod, 10. Both are healthy. Oliver seems to usually be the alpha cat. I am not writing about a problem, just a question.

Oliver is very social to company. He will practically stand on his head to get attention from a visitor. He is affectionate to me and my husband too, but on his terms just like most cats I know are.

When he is in the bathroom, he is totally 100% loveable to us. He purrs and head-butts and wants nothing but to be petted. It doesn't matter if Tripod is in the room with us or not. In any other room, his behavior varies from friendly to aloof. This has been going on for about 2 years now.


Thank you.


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It may have something to do with you being more of a captive audience when you're in the bathroom and he has more freedom to come and go. I know many clients who have cats who absolutely become love muffins when the clients are either in the tub or taking care of personal business in the bathroom.

There are some cats who only want attention when the owner is in the bed. It's another "captive audience" situation. The feels he has more immediate control for escape and controlling the amount of interaction.

Pam Johnson-Bennett, CCBC

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