It's supposed to be my chair


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Apr 20, 2017
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I feel for you.

Although if you are like me, you wont have the heart to move him.

Here are greg and arnold not even 12 hours after we got two new recliners. (We purposely got electric recliners, have adjusted them to where we want them and turned off the power to avoid injuries to the boys)



"Say what, crackerhead?"
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Jul 12, 2019
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Cochise Stronghold, Arizona
Good point, I haven't unplugged my leather motorized reclining sofa yet, but I'm always careful about operating it whenever the cats are around. I really only use it in the evening if I'm watching a movie, and the cats are usually in sight (in the seat next to me or on the bed), so I can safely hit the button without worrying about a cat being under the sofa where all the moving metal parts are. Those metal bars under the sofa could easily trap and kill a cat, particularly a kitten who crawled in there to take a nap. Thanks for bringing up that point, new cat owners should be aware of the potential danger to their pets with all that machinery hidden under the sofa. When Crackhead was small he used to crawl under there, but I think he outgrew that desire... he's big enough now to want more room, and he usually chooses to lie atop the bed. Tiger likes the bed too, but he also shares the sofa seat next to mine with little Phoenix.:dizzycat: