Is There More Than One Type Of Microlax Enema?


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Sep 24, 2022
I posted here recently, wondering if the Miralax powder was safe for my constipated cat long term. I was encouraged by other members to go for it.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to administer that because Rascal largely stopped eating around the same time. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to try and explain to a cat that they'll get better if they just eat their damn food *sigh*

Anyway, Rascal has had enemas at the vet several times. I don't know what kind, I just know I get charged $700 every time. I can't rely on that forever.

I started looking into home enemas, and the Pet-Ema came up, but they're hard to get right now. Then this morning I noticed Microlax (Not to be confused with the Miralax I mentioned earlier).

These are marketed as human enemas, but the reviews include several cat owners, and it seems you can get them on some vet supply sites as well.

I went ahead and ordered, but before I take the plunge and use it, I want to make sure the dosage is appropriate and that I'm not going to harm Rascal. I can't seem to find a different pet-specific version of this stuff, so I have to assume it's what other people are using successfully.

Any experiences? My cat is getting dangerously underweight, so I don't feel I have a lot of time to reverse the situation.


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Dec 22, 2014
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I am sorry your baby is going through this..
As far as enemas go, I would not use one unless I cleared it with my own Vet. I would also make sure I had the correct one, the correct dosage and I would have someone instruct me how to use it, without harming my kitty.

I know it is expensive, but, you do not want to seriously hurt your kitty.

If Rascal is severely underweight, the administration of a home enema could, indeed, create a fluid imbalance; which would cause so many calamities to her health.

Can you try mixing the miralax with water. Draw it up in a feeding syringe-- you can get one at the drug store--for babies.
And give him the miralax water with the syringe..

Rascal is probably not eating because his colon is full. It is a vicious cycle.. Please take him into the Vet for evaluation.

I know you asked if the enemas you purchased are the correct ones, but... I really could not help myself from commenting about the situation. I am sorry If I offended you..

My soul cat had Megacolon, constipation; was on many drugs, and had many Vet done enemas. I know how it feels..
Personally, I never thought of doing one at home. some people do.. but, not me..
Good Luck!


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Jun 21, 2014
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I also sympathize with your situation and your poor cat, but at least call the vet and tell him that you intend to do it and inform him of the name of the enema and the ingredients. Some enema ingredients can be harmful to cats. I did notice on Amazon that on the Customer Questions section there was a very strong caution against using this enema on a cat, although other purchasers clearly did use it.