Is my cat pregnant?


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Dec 7, 2023
Hi guys, I need some advice for my cat since I'm very new to all pet related stuff. Please excuse my English as I'm not a native.;)

My little Munchkin cat is 3 yrs old, her name is Sushi, I adopted her 3 months ago. I took her to my relative for 5 days to mate, because I wanted her to birth her first and last litter of kittens (I will spay her after the pregnancy).

It's been a month since then. She gained weight, her stomach got bigger and she sleeps all day, so I thought she was pregnant. But her nipples are not turning pink and she's suddenly in heat a few days ago. Is she not pregnant? How come her stomach got so big? I'm so confused. I think I fed her the right amount of food and she looks very healthy to me. Can she be pregnant and still go in heat?

She had been living in my room since the adoption, but I recently moved her to another room, because she would meow all night, not letting me sleep. I feel so sad, she might think that I don't love her any more. I had to lock her in the room because I didn't want her to get pregnant with an unknown cat.

Also, she got lice after the encounter with my relative's cats. Too many things for me to deal with 😭😭


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Sep 18, 2005
Yes, its fully possible to get into new heat while preg. We know it if by nothing else, it happens a queen carries two different litters simultaneously, and with a little luck, both are delivered healthy and good, several weeks apart.

Also, although hindberry reddening of the nipples is very typical, occasioanally they arent becoming clearly reddish.

That said, we cant really know what happened. Did she got preg, did she got false pregnancy? Had she a spontane abort, and did ate upp the results? In the last case you will often not notice anything.

What worries me, she got lice from the male cats home. It hints they arent top notCH serious, sooner - something is very amiss there... Are their cats allowed to go out unsupervised?
If you want play it safe, you should test her for both this and that... Including parasites and bloodwork.

Ps. Your english is excellent, better than some natives.
I myself english is my third language, and it often shows. Yet Im accepted here. :)
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