ibd issues. again


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Apr 9, 2016
Hi all! There's something going on with my cat's food. They claim not to've changed it, I disagree. I have give cats eating it. Ones a 'Mikey' (he eats everything), another a piggo too that are eating this food. Have been for 1/2 a year or so.
But suddenly with the last two bags, nobody wants to eat it. I even took one of them to thevets for $447 worth of blood tests. She was eating only half her normal amount- if I'm lucky 1/6th cup all day long! She used to eat 1/3 cup. Perfect bloodwork.
It HAS to be the food. But it's what my ibd boy (aka-Mikey) needs as well as the one that got the tests done, needs to eat. NO poultry & no fish. Once I cut both those out, they both for regular again. At this rate is be willing to put back in fish and see how it goes. But it'd have to be a type typically low in mercury. Yes, I worry about that.
So far I can't find anything.
There is one food I feed my 2 oldest one's. But 1- 'Mikey' didn't like the rabbit flavor & 2-it's gotten outrageously expensive. It just went up $10 a bag! Instinct LI Rabbit is now $70/10lb bag.
I can't afford that for another 5 cats every day.
They're on Essence Ranch & Meadow now. But suddenly hate it so I need to find an alternative. But nothing with any poultry. Has anyone had much with a dry food like this? These 5 won't eat wet food.:(
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Jun 19, 2021
There's something going on with my cat's food. They claim not to've changed it, I disagree.
You are definitely correct to disagree! Our vet warned us that many pet food companies have been changing either the sourcing/quality of ingredients or the amount of ingredients - which are both changes that allow them to claim the recipe and ingredient list is still the same. As our vet said (and I wish I could convey the cautionary tone he had when he said this), "it's chicken..... but it's not the SAME chicken". Many of our foods have changed in the past two years; some of them are thankfully changing back to their original form (but not all).

Some brands that have single protein or unusual proteins include Open Farm, Farmina, and Taste of the Wild. Two specific dry foods that are single protein are Natural Balance Green Pea & Venison and Addiction Viva La Venison.
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Jun 13, 2018
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Hi. I don't really have any food suggestion alternatives. But I am curious if both of the bags you have are from the same production batch.

While it is not impossible for a food change to cause two cats in the same house to turn their nose up at it, it isn't necessarily a given or extremely common. So, I just wonder if it has something to do with the production of those bags, and if you could find another bag with a different batch number if you would get the same result when feeding it to your cats.

Just a shot in the dark, but worth looking into.