I would like to know what breed my cat is.

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Sep 25, 2020
This all sounds very positive for your family and Tommy. Kitties with feline leukemia quite often lead long and happy lives these days. I don't want to lecture on top of such good news but please make him an indoor kitty. Letting him go outdoors not only poses a risk to his health but to other cats as well.
He is an indoor kitty. When I came home late a night he snuck out the door and ran across the street. Once that cat starts running I can't get him. He came back home in the morning, thankfully. I know he misses being outdoors, for 3 years he lived on the streets.( Tommy got the nickname the roaming town cat by the locals. ) So I try to take him on walks so he doesn't try to sneak out. I manage to set a small table against a window and put a small cage thing on the window. So when he wants outside he can go in the cage. Now I take him on walks once week.