I think my cat is bi polar

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Aug 6, 2020
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I love my cat very much..but can please anybody help me to fix his behavior.
1. He eats too much..he has 3 small can of tuna and plus I leave him with full of bowl of biscuits. But Everytime I go in the kitchen he follows me and he makes this very loud meow just to demand for more food. And when I ignored him he attacks me. And after he has his food he also meows like he's in pain. I have taken him at the vet for check up and everything is fine. He follows me when I go to the toilet, when I go for shower. Then he waits until I finished showering and while he waits he meows so loud and it sounded like saying "mum".
The constant loud meows are starting annoys me. I was told when he demands for more food after eating just try to ignore him. But when I ignored he attacked me so bad. The last time he attacked me I end up going to hospital because my cuts and scratched are really bad. Can someone please help me to control this behavior.


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Feb 4, 2020
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How often do you play with him and for how long? He sounds like he wants attention from you and play time. My cat isn't a big eater, but if I stop petting him or playing with him before he's ready to quit, he can get a bit aggressive (thinking that he's making me play more). I also tend to find he settles down after using the bathroom. Play and exercise help him digest the food and use up the energy.