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I sing to my cats ... do you?

Discussion in 'The Cat's Meow' started by allmykitties, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. allmykitties

    allmykitties Thread Starter TCS Member Young Cat

    Mar 8, 2016
    southern IL
    I'm not a talented singer, but I still sing to my cats.  Each one has their own individual song.


    To the tune of the Winnie-the-Pooh theme

    It's little Cosette, little Cosette, she's my very sweet little kitty.  She's a good cat, her name is Cosette, she's the very sweetest one. 


    To the tune of I've Been Working on the Railroad

    It's a little cat named TV, she's a very sweet cat,   It's a little cat named TV, now what do you think of that?  Everybody who does know her loves our sweet TV.  Everybody who does know her loves our little TV.  Because she's a fine cat, she's a fine cat, she's a very fine kitty cat.  She's a fine cat, she's a fine cat, she's our very sweet kitty cat.  She's our little TV, she's our little kitty cat oh she's a very sweet cat ... and her name is little Miss TV.


    To the tune of the Spiderman theme song

    Domino, Domino, he's a very fine cat, oh.  Black and white, he's just right, look now it's Domino knows.


    roughly inspired by Disco Duck

    Camo, camo cat.  Everybody loves our camo cat.  Camo, camo cat.  When you purr we know where you're at.


    To the tune of Beautiful Dreamer

    Beautiful Circe, sweet floofy cat, you are my beautiful floofiest one.  Beautiful Circe, you are so sweet, and I will love you from your head to your feet.  Beautiful Circe, you're my sweet cat, beautiful Circe my beautiful fluff.  (The lyrics do change from time to time .. and I know tail would be better, but sweet rhymes with feet, not tail).

    The funny thing is, if we don't know where Circe is, if I sing her song, she comes running to me.

    Anyone else make up silly songs that get sung to the kitties?
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  2. betsygee

    betsygee Don't believe everything you think. Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 17, 2013
    Monterey, CA, USA
    That's so cute!  [​IMG]

    I'm very uncreative.  I have only one song for all of my cats--Hannah, Rico, Zoe and Ozzy--the Name Game Song  

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2016

  3. artiemom

    artiemom Artie, my Angel; a part of my heart Top Cat

    Dec 22, 2014
    near Boston
    When I sing to Artie, his ears automatically go down and he runs away!

    What a critic!!!!

  4. betsygee

    betsygee Don't believe everything you think. Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 17, 2013
    Monterey, CA, USA
    I hold my cats when I sing to them, so they have to listen.  [​IMG]

  5. lonelocust

    lonelocust TCS Member Alpha Cat

    Sep 27, 2015
    Amsterdam, NL
    I make up cat songs constantly, often to the tune of other songs, sometimes just random. I sort of sing to myself about everything at random, but definitely most often to/about the cats. My only consistent song is the breakfast song which has a tune that I don't think came from another song and usually goes sometime like:

    Good morning kittens
    Good morning dovelings*
    It's time for breakfast
    Breakfast for kittens

    Sometimes it will have a less-consistent second verse like

    What is for breakfast
    It is the stinky meat
    Kittens love stinky meat
    Stinky meat for kittens

    or maybe it will be more bizarre if I am tired.

    *Because my cats like to make sounds that sound like doves, and they make them pretty consistently in the morning.

    Oh also I fairly regularly sing Brave Brave Sir Gabriel to the tune of Brave Sir Robin from Monty Python's Holy Grail because he is a scaredy cat.

    Also maybe
    Who is the prettiest kitty
    Who had a kitteny face?
    Who is my little black panther (/brown tiger)
    Katting all over the place.

    I think that is the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.

    Inexplicably this morning I had We Like to Party by the Vengaboys stuck in my head - perhaps memorable to our American friends as the song playing on those Six Flags commercials that had a weird old man enthusiastically dancing - which had lyrics something like

    The kitten bus is coming
    And everyone's meowing
    The kitchen to the bedroom
    An intercity kitten

    Yes this makes no sense, but the original lyrics are not very clever either.

  6. lonelocust

    lonelocust TCS Member Alpha Cat

    Sep 27, 2015
    Amsterdam, NL
    Oh also my husband and I have duets that go a little like this:

    Haaaaave you seen this kitten?
    Yeeeees I've seen this kitten.
    Haaaaave you seen his cat face?
    Iiiiit is a good cat face.

    This can go on for an arbitrary amount of time.

  7. donutte

    donutte Professional cat sitter extraordinaire! Top Cat

    Apr 22, 2015
    Northern suburbs of Chicago
    Yeppers :) A couple of them have had their very own songs!

    We had a cat named Ali Cat that always came running when mom sang his song. And then there was Lucky, who actually sang his own song! Mom said it sounded like the "I love you" husky and we'd always sing back to him, "Wa wa woo!" I have to wonder what that meant to them because he'd run to us and inspect us like he was worried something was wrong! :lol3: Oh my, even at the end, he'd pick up his head when we sang "Wa wa woo!" to him.

    Penelopy sings also. Her song is so much like Lucky's that we always say she's channeling him. Some days, it sounds so much like him, that we'll instinctively go "Wa wa woo!" back. Of course, it doesn't have quite the same effect with her, which we quickly realize.

  8. betsygee

    betsygee Don't believe everything you think. Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 17, 2013
    Monterey, CA, USA
    Aww.  [​IMG]

  9. misterwhiskers

    misterwhiskers TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 7, 2014
    So funny!

    I sing sappy 70s love songs. Anything with the word "love". It's usually Olivia Newton Johns "I honestly love you", only because it's the closest to a non-croaking range that I can manage.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2016

  10. dennis47

    dennis47 TCS Member Alpha Cat

    Nov 18, 2015
    St. Charles, Missouri
    Oh absolutely I sang to Midnight, and she loved it. Mainly because in high school, I was a part of my school's A Cappela choir, Men's choir, and Magical choir (this is where we dressed up in Broadway-style clothing and sang tunes from all sorts of plays and movies---yes, we did sing a few tunes from "Cats"!), and I practiced all the time. And Midnight was always my audience. Whenever I'd finish, I'd look at her and say "More?" and she'd sort of bob her head--her way of saying, "Yes, Daddy, please!" Gosh, how I miss those days! Haven't thought about that in over 20 years, so, thank you for helping me relive a truly wonderful memory!
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  11. Kat0121

    Kat0121 Advisor Staff Member Advisor

    Feb 23, 2014
    Sunny Florida
    Every day. Just little stuff I makeup about how pretty/handsome they are, how much we love them and how sweet/cuddly/loving  they are. Lily loves it. She will stop, close her eyes and purr. Brother (Henry) and Saurus  (Sophie) ignore it. [​IMG]
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  12. ginny

    ginny TCS Member Top Cat

    Apr 21, 2012
    Oh yes!  Some of them have their own song!  

    Oreo's goes like this:  Oreo...Oreo....Oreo...Oreo...OREO!!  (If you could hear it sung, it would make better sense)

    Honey's:  Honey is a pretty little kitty girl....yes she is.....yes she is....Honey is a pretty little kitty girl....yes she is, she IS! 

    I won't embarrass myself any further, but that's the gist of it.  I can't really tell if they like it or not.  I think they are more paying attention to what my hands are doing and if my hands are going to produce their favorite treat at the end of the song!  

  13. rickr

    rickr TCS Member Alpha Cat

    Dec 17, 2015
    I make up lots of songs to sing to my kitties.  Even though I can't carry a tune, they seem to enjoy my vocals.  

    Here's a song I sing to Lucy when she is lounging in her cat tree by the window. To the tune of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds...

    Picture yourself in a tree by the window

    With birds, and bugs, and squirrels that go jump

    Suddenly someone is there at the window

    The girl with the beautiful eyes

    Lucy in the tree with big eyes

    Lucy in the tree with big eyes....

    And one of Archie's songs.  To the tune of the Boxer by Paul Simon....

    In the clearing stands an Archie

    A tabby by his trade

    He carries the reminders

    Of every lizard he's laid down

    And the bugs he's chased and squished

    He is hunting, he is hunting

    And the fighter still remains

  14. banana queen

    banana queen TCS Member Adult Cat

    May 2, 2016
    I like to sing to my cats.

    Usually I sing The Three Little Kittens to mine, because I found a litter of three kittens, and I named the tuxedo one Mittens.

    I have others, but they aren't consistent or clever, just random things in a singing voice about how cats have fur, paws, whiskers, tails and ears shaped like triangles.

    One time I didn't realise that my front door was open, while I was singing to my cat about cleaning cat sick off the stairs.

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