I Said No to Worming and I Was Right

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Feb 18, 2016
When little Hendrietta got her first ever Vet check and vaccinations at age 5 months I told the Vet the dog found her in the bush and I suspected she was from a feral mother. We should worm her, he said, coming from outside and an outside mother means she likely has worms and maybe other internal parasites. This without a fecal check. I said no, she looks healthy, poops and pees look healthy, eating looks fine, no. But I did agree to do a fecal. Well it took a couple of weeks before I got a fecal sample in and they called this morning with the results - no worms and no internal parasites of any kind. It's maybe lucky I turned out to be right on this but a few weeks wait for the fecal and I did not put chemicals into her little body when, as it turned out, she did not need any.