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May 22, 2001
I live in the small town of Cleveland, MO
To whom it may concern:

I have always had concerns for animals. When I became an adult, I have actively been involved with animals and concerns for animals. I am constantly appalled by the way the people treat animals and abhor the ignorance that is constant with people in caring for animals, not to mention the simple fact that so many people cannot, will not, and are incapable of considering animals in any humane aspect.

I live in a rural community. When I moved here, the town pop. 500 +, had a real problem with the residents allowing their dogs to run rampant and at large. There was no doubt that some were wild dogs that roamed the fields around town. Then the government of this town and their infinitely limited intelligence decided to enact a license law to curtail the dogs at large and roaming freely. This took a couple of years before the dogs roaming in packs were under control. When that happened we became inundated with skunks, and are still having problems with that. In fact a couple of months ago, my daughter took our van to the "local" convenience store for a pepsi (about 3/4 of mile away), and on her return was charged by a skunk that had rounded the corner of our home.

About 5/6 years ago, in the below freezing weather of our Januarys here in Missouri, we noticed a cat that was severely injured on her back hip and barely able to move about, yet able enough to keep us at a distance. We also tracked her to her substandard shelter (our front porch). Since we could not get near enough to her to capture her, and transport her to a vet, we could only hope for the best and try to sustain her life through food and water. We did this. She survived, and albeit was not in really good shape without medical help, she did manage to heal and function, and actually look healthy although handicapped to a certain degree.

I claim to be very ignorant at that time in regard to feral cats, even though in the course of my adult years I had managed to catch, obtain 2 and successfully tame them.

I was very concerned about her reproducing, but not wise enough to figure out how to help her and everyone else in that area.

The summer after her appearance, I noticed that a very small kitten had been ground to mash in the street in front of our home. I KNEW at that point I was in trouble and had been a cruel instigator of productivity.

I actively sought help. I obtained for a fee of $70.00 a catch cage, and started to catch these beautiful and elusive creatures, transport them to our WONDERFUL vet, get them neutered/spayed, bring them home to recuperate in the center of our "inside" universe, housed in a large canine kennel cage equipped with amenities any cat could possible imagine, a private area for them to hide and feel secure, a box for litter, and a comfy place to just lay around, heal and just watch. The kennel cage was placed central to family activity, including our own original pets and how all interacted.

I became quite successful at catching, and taming these fur people. The initial plan was to catch, neuter/spay, vaccinate, then release them to live outdoors around my home (if they so desired), and give them the care that they needed and desired.

The problem from that point was that once I had caught them, neutered/spayed, vaccinated, and tamed them, they had no desire to return to the outdoors.

I lost a couple of the cats before I could catch them and this caused me grief and sadness but I still continued to do what I felt was necessary to eliminate the problem around my home.

The problem as I see it now (through research, and awareness), not simply isolated around my house. The people of this community are not actively caring for their animals. They do not concern themselves with vaccinations, or spaying/neutering of these animals. They do not care for the products of reproduction and simply drop them at the side of the road or dump them somewhere.

The simple fact of the matter is, if they survive to any capacity of being capable of scrounging enough to survive, they find themselves around me.

I don't have a problem with that per se, and have paid out a medium fortune to do what I have done for the ones I have caught. What bothers me is the fact that I now read in a local regional rag that the city is going to implement action to eliminate the population of stray cats here.

I know how these people are, a wild cats are poisoned, shot, or whatever to make sure that they are DEAD!

I want responsible action. I want responsible treatment. I want compassionate action taken. I don't want to see these creatures MURDERED. I have worked to hard for some that I haven't been able to catch yet, to ensure that they have access to food twice a day, and water. They can depend on this and do depend on it.

Is there any way you can assist me to prevent such action? Can you connect me with someone who would know how to ensure that these animals are cared for in a responsible manner? Have you any ideas on how I can take care of this cruel and inhumane action?

I would appreciate any input in this regard.



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Feb 19, 2001
One of which is to contact Alley Cat Allies or the Feral Cat Coalition. Another option is to write a very well-thought out letter supported by facts such as how many kittens and unspayed female will have in a lifetime, and the benefits of a feral colony that is maintained well and send a copy of this letter to everyone you can think of. Newspapers, local television statements, make up flyers and pass them out, attend city council meetings, call animal rescue leagues and pick their brains as well.

Unfortunately, there are many people who think that just because they are cats, they don't matter, and they will survive no matter where they are dumped off, and no one will miss them if they are killed.

I will look for those links for you and post them here when I find them. Good luck and God Bless you for all that you ARE doing!

here is one link http://www.feralcats.com/ They will help you find a chapter in your area

and here is another http://www.alleycat.org/