I need help , idont know what to do

Astrea kitten

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Jun 16, 2021
Just an hour or so ago my cat was asleep normally on the side table , and like usual when i go to bed i go to her and pick her up and we go to sleep on my bed , as i picked her up she kind of woke up as usual and looked at me so i scratched her head she went back to semi sleeping and only a minute after that she woke up frantically while holding her and cut me several times on the hand and arm , i was taken by surprise by this but nonetheless i stayed calm and tried to get back to her after i had dropped her and she seemed to be scared and wouldnt let me hold her she would hit anything that is infront of her with aggression ( even though she never does that , we a friends cat over one time and my cat wouldnt even hit the cat back when they first met ) she is 3 months old today and had her vaccines and all and she always lived with me and i have never hit her or anything no matter what , right now i can touch her and pet her but she still flinches if i got close to her or anything moved around ... please if anyone knows what is wrong i need help .

Info about the cat :

she is called Astrea
She is 3 months old always a house cat barley goes outside ( as in the street ) she only goes to the balcony because i dont have a garden

she is a Turkish Angora cat
White color with mismatched eye color
She is deaf


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Feb 20, 2011
She was probably startled awake, that scared her and she scratched you in the process of trying to get away. I would just give her some time and wait for her to approach you rather than trying to pet her or pick her up. I would bet by tomorrow she will be back to herself. I am hoping some members come along who have dealt with deaf cats before. They may have some tips on the best way to approach her, especially when she is sleeping.