I Got My Feral In The House Today!


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Mar 14, 2016
sheesh so much has happened with these cats! I can pet them all now, I gave flea treatment to them all.
Blacky will get on my lap and loves it, they all can be fearful of me at times, Texy loves to be brushed!
I think he was abandoned and not born feral, He's the only one that will play with a cat toy.
I have been so busy preparing my back yard for them, we got most of the coyote rollers up.
found cat houses, bought 1 to make sure and now have to order 2 more, I will modify them for winter.
we are going to be building something for the houses not sure yet, we are putting cat fencing in the
corners of the fencing as animals can get on our neighbors fence and hop in.
so much to do! I'm trying to do some landscaping in the yard to make it pleasant for them.
also may hire a carpenter for something for them to climb up on and see over the fence.
I will take pics while working in the yard this weekend as I know I promosied pics of Wallis's new catio
well it's a year old now.
Joey and Walli are the same, Joey still hates cats and Walli is still fearful
knowing what Iknow now, I brought Walli in way to early.

Hope all is well with your cats!
I just pray these cats will be ok till I can get them in the yard
oh Sammy still comes in the garage every night!
I wish I could get all 3 in, but I tried, I got blacky in 1 rainy night ( I carried him inside the house
and then to the garage! no way! ha ha!
It is amazing, I was just thinking of you last night!!!

Congratulations on the great progress!! So awesome, thank you for the update and all you are doing for them!!!

"Joey and Walli are the same, Joey still hates cats and Walli is still fearful" - I am with rubysmama on them. They are special and my goal is to get them as confident as possible. Just keep working on them. And the scents from the outside cats might be a factor so make sure you wash your hands, change clothes, etc. And play play play if possible.

Keep up the great work!!! :)
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Jan 31, 2017
I took the pics somehow I'm having technical difficulties, I think they are too big and I need to make them smaller
Joey is still very aggressive and he got out and 1st thing started a fight with Sammy, he cannot be trusted with any cats.
I think he has some sort of mental disorder, he is never cuddly, and there is no way to rehome him if so I could bring the feral inside
the house, I'm hoping they will be friendly towards Walli in the backyard, maybe they can make friends through Walli's catio
then they can share her room with her and she can come out of the catio, her catio is huge 12'x12'x12' I think.
I will work on those pics still, things are so hectic right now.

Walli is still afraid of me! ugh, it's the cats inside that are the problem!
Blacky is the only one I can actually hold and get some affection from, so weird he was the most afraid of me.