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Apr 20, 2014
So I have Yuki, who is three and MIttens who is 13 - and Binx, the new member, who is 2. We got Binx partly because Yuki (male, neutered) was going after Mittens (neutered Female); this started shortly after we got Yuki, when he was about 5 months old. I hoped he would outgrow this, but he did not; so after long deliberation of many considerations, we added Binx. So now the dynamics are as follows: Yuki goes after Mittens, and Binx goes after Yuki. So I did not solve the problem very much.

Let me be clear; there is no flying of fur, no letting of blood; no one is hurt but I dont like to see Yuki go after Mittens like he does. She is after all, an older lady - although in very good condition. She does not cower or hide but sometimes I frankly wish she would take a swipe at him, or at least puff up big and raise a paw to him - because that might end Yuki's behavior, which I do not understand. It is not like she took over his area of the house; they do not compete for food. She basically just wants to be left alone and cuddle with me. None of the three are lacking in attention from myself and my husband, either.

All thoughts and suggestions appreciated..

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Jan 15, 2018
Binx and Yuki are still quite young and still have that playful attitude. In my house, Bourbon who is around 8 years old, is usually "terrorized" by my Graham, 2 years old - in a playful way but which oftentimes Bourbon does not like as she also wants to be left alone. There is nothing much I can do when I am not in the house. But when I am around either I stop Graham by playing with her or letting Bourbon have her own "safe" place in the house, which is the catio.