How to know if someone’s caring for a feral?


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May 12, 2016
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I finally found a rescue that is going to take her in! I drop her off Monday evening when they’ll have their vet on site to see her. It’s a no kill rescue and none of the cats are in crates or cages. The rescue is one house where all the cats live in together. It makes them feel more like they are living in a home and have access to lots of toys and fun things! I’m so happy for her and they are excited for her to join them. She’s on her way to find her forever home. Another rescue also helped me out by getting me the antibiotic and eye drops she needs for her respiratory infection. Her body is starting to fill in a little since I’ve had her and her eyes look so much happier. I am very sad to see her go but she’ll be happier there than in a crate in my shed. I’m still sad I couldn’t keep her but at the moment we don’t have the space and my girl cat doesn’t do well with other females.
That’s great! I hope she’ll settle down fast over there and eventually adopted by some loving people.

Can you visit her? If you can it’ll be good and also do let us know her well being while over snd also if she is adopted later.


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May 29, 2023
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Shawna87 Shawna87 so happy to hear the wonderful news,I'm sure you are elated with this huge weight lifted- it's awful to be stressed with worry,isn't it? Yippee! She's on her way to a great place to find her forever person

A dear friend of mine owns the biggest no kill cat shelter in my County- as long as a cat can get along with others they can stay forever in the " group" facility and they are all ready for adoption,handled and socialized with lots of volunteers everyday...the unsocialized section of crated cats fills up very quickly so it's difficult to accept new kitties unless some get adopted,I've freelanced their for years socializing strays & ferals and it's such a joy to see a person walk through the door,fall in love and take someone home..... No kills are few & far between,Im thrilled you have one near you
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Dec 25, 2022
Hello everyone, sweet girl goes to the rescue tomorrow. I’m not going to lie it’s hard saying goodbye to her. Seeing how much she’s improved has made my heart so happy. I wish so bad I could keep her but it won’t be possible at the moment. I can visit however the rescue is about an a hour and half away. It’s the only no kill rescue I could find to take her in. She has improved so much! Her body has filled out and her eyes are started to get more clear. She seems so much happier and is on her way to better things. Here’s some updated photos of her.



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Jun 6, 2013
What a sweetheart. I wish her all the best. If you could make it out to visit her, I think that would be good because it would make you feel better to see her doing well in her new environment. I always visit the cats I take to the shelter after a few weeks because seeing them always makes me feel better about my decision.