How I found my Dream Cat


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Jul 13, 2015
Dear All:  It's great to have a forum to discuss our cats.  I was looking for a cat, not a kitten, as I work and do not have the time to raise a kitten and then have to leave it alone when I go to work.  Several cats came into my sphere.  One was a rescue cat.  I successfully re-homed him to a family that suited his personality.  They sent me many photos of him and his adjustment.  He looks like he is in love with his home and family.  They pamper him so.  

Then my friend had to move out of the country and needed a home for her 8 year old cat.  I tried hard to bond with her, but we did not match.  She was too aloof for me and hated being touched too much.  She was re-homed and is happier.

I gave up.  But then I called my vet to tell her I re-homed the cat and she told me that this rescue group found a lovely cat on the streets,  A Siamese mix and that his personality was precious.  I ran to see him.  I knew immediately I wanted to give him a try.  From the moment he came out of the carrier, he made my home his.  We bonded immediately.  He acted as if I raised him.  I loved him so much.  I nursed him from getting sick, as we did not know he had a serious viral infection.  With the help of my great vet, who is there for me 24/7, he came back to life as a tiger.  From a cat who could not play or run, to a bouncing off the wall cat, hiding and attacking me, playing, loving all his cat stuff, and gaining more weight each day.

He has given me so much joy.  He is so worth the care and pampering I give him.  He lays in my apartment as if he is in a spa.  Sleeps close to me at night and will not leave the bedroom until I do.  Follows me everywhere and is just so precious.

That is my story  - I have him less than 2 months, and we are so bonded.