How do I get my kitten to stop biting the corners of the fences I installed in my house?


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Apr 11, 2021
Nugget won't stop biting the corners of the kitchen fence. She has done it well enough to make a hole which her sister got through. We found her sister eating my soup which I'm still kind of mad about because she has TONS of cat food already including two bowls of wet food, dry food, some treats throughout the day, and two fresh water bowls. This is why we don't want them in the kitchen since we sometimes leave food out or because we don't always clean up immediately. Also some other reasons why my mom and I do not want them in the kitchen: we both have severe allergies, their hair gets everywhere (even in the kitchen), they would be on top of the tables and the counters (which tend to get overcrowded or still have food) and it would be very frustrating to train them not to jump on the counters because cats don't really care about what humans want (I've learned that the hard way), and because if we let them in the kitchen they would bother us for human food even though they for sure know that they have their own food available.

Sometimes I think Nugget gets really desperate when I go in the kitchen and that's why she bites the corners of the fence but other times I think it's because of the smell or visuals of the food we eat. I'm not really sure what's the exact reason but I want to train her not to do that because I can't afford anymore break-ins. (We once had a full week of them trying to break in and it was super stressful...)


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Jan 9, 2018
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I read some of your earlier threads. I wish you wouldn't get angry with them, -- eating your soup is no different than sniffing and/or eating things found on the floor. They are young and need patience, love and respect for the wonderful creatures that they are.

These may help, training her not to chew the fence isn't any different than training them to stay off the counters.

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