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Hooray! Hare Today Now Has 80/10/10 Chicken And Turkey Mixes


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Aug 16, 2013
Ground Chicken/Bones/Organs, Processing Date 01.30.2019 is now ground and blended to the 80/10/10 Ratio!
Included in this blend (and Meat/Bone/Organ Ratios):
⇒ 32% Chicken Quarter Bone-In (70/30/0)
⇒ 48% Boneless Chicken Breast (100/0/0)
⇒ 1% Chicken Neck (61/39/0)
⇒ 5% Chicken Heart (100/0/0)
⇒ 5% Chicken Gizzard (100/0/0)
⇒ 10% Chicken Liver (0/0/100)

I saw that turkey is also going to be blended 80/10/10 as of the 2/8/2019 lot. And, these blends are the same price as the old mixes, which means your cat food costs just went down (because boneless meat is more expensive than the meat/bone/organ grind).

Hooray for Tracy! Read the info on the site, she put a lot of thought into the composition and all the info is listed.