High RBC in urine/bladder?


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Dec 8, 2013
Took my cat to the vet. Assumed he had a uti, or crystals. The vet gave him fluids and got a urine samples. She said his rbc was high and there were no wbc's. She couldn't really give a reason mentioned stress.
Anyone every have an issue like that? What was the cause. Im worried maybe cancer. Worse case, or could he have ingested something? They didn't do bloodwork. But will be asking when I pick him up. To check kidneys etc.
They kept him overnight to give fluids and Lasix and wants him on a supplement to help support his bladder walls I think she said. This is all new to me. Is flushing out the bladder how the lower the rbc? FYI he is 9 years old and otherwise healthy.


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Mar 17, 2022
I m so sorry for you two . Any other sympthoms ? How the vet said the rbc is higher witouth blood tests ?
blood test can be tricky if your cat is too stressed, dehydrated.
we had crystals problems but the uranalisys didn t mentioned rbc levels . She puked one day and we went to the vet for blood tests. Results : rbc level high, hct lvl high - reason dehydrated .
not every level of the blood tests suggest death sentences .
if you want to sleep well and to be 100% your cat is ok i would go for blood tests and abdominal ultrasound . If everything seems good there, stress is the major factor for crystals to develop in the bladder.( i was sceptic about it but i talked to so many vets about Mia’s problem and they all said the same :she s stressed !
you should talk to your vet about any minor changes in her routine, maybe some changes in the house, etc .


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Jun 13, 2018
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Hi. I presume there was blood in the urine too? Feeby has had two previous urinalyses with a high RBC and blood. Both times there was no infection, so no action was taken. In both cases, it is suspected that her bladder wall was 'nicked' when they did the cystocentesis (drawing urine from the bladder with a needle), causing the elevated RBC count and blood. So, you could ask the vet about that being a probable cause.

However, Feeby did have a 0 - 1 WBC count which, according to the lab reports, is within the normal range of 0 - 3. So, a small number of WBCs in the urine must be normal, and your vet may have said 'none' because it was within range.

IMO, I don't think flushing out the bladder was with the intent to lower the RBC, but rather to aid in removing bacteria and sediment that can accumulate naturally in the bladder. Feeby gets pure D-Mannose to help keep the bacterial count down and it is also considered a supplement to help with overall bladder health. There are other supplements to help with bladder health as well.