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Aug 17, 2014
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Tampa Bay Florida
Hi my name is Carla. I joined this site because I thought it would be something my 9 y/o old daughter Anna and I would enjoy doing together. She loves cats and video games and I would like to see her pursue her interest in cats more than video games and I am hoping that being a part of this community of cat lovers will accomplish that.We are fairly new cat owners and we have acquired 3 cats since September of last year. All three are rescues. Trinity is a female and is estimated to be about 2 y/o. We rescued Trinity from a rescue in Tampa called Cat Crusaders. She had just had kittens when we got her and her ear was clipped because she was a catch and release. She was a young Mother.
Twilight is 9 m/o and we got her last December. We were shopping in Pet Smart one day when an elderly woman came in with the cutest tiniest kitten that she said she found on the side of the road. She was not able to keep the kitten so we took her home. I took Twilight to the vet the next day and the vet told me she was too young to have shots and was thought to be only 4 weeks old. But I took her back every 3 weeks until she was through with all her shots and had her spayed as well.Our third cat we rescued from Countless Cats last February. She was estimated to be 6 m/o when we got her. Her and her brother were barn kittens and the lady who rescued her talked the people who owned the farm in letting her have the kittens because she was afraid the donkeys were going to hurt her and her brother. The rescue lady named her Dixie after the donkey. My Daughter and I changed her named to Amber because that is the color of her eyes. We love our kitties very much. We also have a dog that we rescued 4 years a go from a hoarder. We named him Callie and we love him very much too. Trinity Amber Callie:rbheart: :rbheart::wed:


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Mar 17, 2013
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Oh, that's so wonderful of you to rescue these kitties (and the doggie too!) Neat that you and your daughter want to do something together about cats. You'll find some great forums with photos of cats, and monthly contests you can join--and most importantly, a community of very nice people who all love cats!

Welcome! :wavey: