Help! Litter trained cat peeing inappropriately!


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Aug 13, 2021
Hello, my 6 month old cat has been peeing in places she shouldn't, mainly on our bedding and bedroom floor. She has been using the litterbox as per normal until about December, when she peed on my bed in what we thought was just a one time fluke. However, it happened a couple more times and we decided to get her spayed about a week ago as we thought it might be an issue with marking territory. However, since then, she has peed twice more on my bedroom floor and once on my bed again. We have always been consistently using the same type and brand of litter. I’m not sure if these are the reasons for sure, but I think she does it when she’s mad (from lack of enough attention and such reasons), or after the sheets have been freshly changed. Also, she's recently started chewing on (and eating?) her litter???? Please help as it’s incredibly frustrating and my mom’s even threatened to sell her away if she doesn’t stop doing this.


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Nov 25, 2013
Hi. So sorry your precious kitten has started having litter box issues. There's no way to know exactly why this started, but since she's recently been spayed, you might want to mention this to your vet, in case there's any connection. Although litter box avoidance, isn't mentioned in this article, I'll still post the link in case you want to read it. Spaying And Neutering – What To Look For After Surgery – TheCatSite Articles

How many litter boxes do you have? Sometimes cats like to pee in one, and poop in another, so if you only have one right now, adding another may help. How Many Litterboxes Should You Have? – TheCatSite Articles

Also, make sure your mom washes the bed clothes with an enzyme cleaner, so that your kitten's urine scent will be completely removed.
How To Get Cat Pee Smell Out Of Clothes And Linens – TheCatSite Articles

Here's another article specially on How To Solve Litterbox Problems In Cats: The Ultimate Guide – TheCatSite Articles

Not sure why she would start eating litter, but probably mention that to the vet, as well.


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Apr 25, 2017

Wondering if anything happened around the time the accidents started in December. Any new furniture, new family members, trips--any changes at all?

What kind of litter are you using? Eating litter can be a sign of anemia, but she is so young, she might just be experimenting.

Any other pets in the house? If she is your only cat, you should have at least two boxes, but more can be helpful for kittens and if you have a larger space. Do you have a litter box in your bedroom?

Wondering also if you have any strong scents in the house, especially since you mentioned that she goes on your sheets when they are freshly changed. It's possible that she is trying to cover any kind of detergent/dryer sheet fragrance with her own, so you could try using unscented laundry products to see if that helps.

I would start by putting a litter box in your bedroom (or maybe two with a couple of different litter choices) and by eliminating any strong fragrancy smells, especially in that area. After you change the bed next time, I would make an effort to play with her on the bed, spread cat nip on the bed, give her treats on the bed, and brush her on the bed. These sort of things will help create a new association with the bed and also spread her scent, so hopefully she will not feel the need to spread her scent via urine. You could also put her cat bed or a favorite blanket of hers on the bed.

Might be worth mentioning to your vet as well just in case it's not behavioral.

Please keep us posted! If these suggestions don't work, I have a ton more!