Help for a friend who's dogsitting


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May 9, 2005
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Some friends were stuck caring for a third party's pittie while he's in Jail (could) be awhile.

Dog is a very, very loving boy about 3 years old.

Naturaly he's quite depressed at his owner's departure. Poor guy has no appetite (which should improve with time), he still eats people food.

The problem is he's let sugar ant ant (piss ants to my southern friends) chew up his paws and abdomen.

He's a bit lethargic from the depression, but the ant bites are irritation him and I'm worried about infection, I've been bitten by by these guys, its no fun.

I gave him children's benadryl fr tonight, tomorrow i plan on going over and cleaning the hot spots with betadine, apple cider vinegar and bag balm.

This is a fixed income family just trying to help out a friend, I've asked them to go to the feed store and pick up an E-collar to prevent him further irritation the areas and causing a yeast infection.

He's not dehydrated, skin snaps back, gums are beautiful pink and not sticky, and he has no fever, his depression is the biggest thing working against him ay this point.

I think I may offer to dog site while they are not home so that he gets the attention he's accustomed to. I think he and Bear would help each other.

Is there anything else I've other looked?


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Feb 28, 2012
I don't know whether you are into Bach Flower remedies at all... I was actually introduced to them while looking after a friend's dog while they were away.  The dog was old and missed them terribly.. he wouldn't eat and just moped around.  Some friends came over with Walnut Bach Flower and a couple of hours after giving it to him he was following me around and hassling for food.

It's worth a go if you can get it... It does need to be ongoing for a while.

Of course lots of walks and attention will work wonders too... and not talking in an "oh you poor thing" voice.. lots of upbeat doggy communication!

Good luck, and thank you for caring about this guy.. dogs really feel it when they lose the leader of the pack ...