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Dec 19, 2019
Update - sorry been very busy. She was not the date predicted. She was taken to the vets, who confirmed she should be due this/next week.

one issue ive noticed, I previously mentioned the retching and gagging. Its been happening, today for example it happend 3 times. Im concerned it could be asthma or a deeper issue, hopefully not hurting the kitten when she goes into the coughing/retching. Im going to take her to the vets on monday, but its quite concerning. Any advice?.
My cat did that a bit in the middle of this pregnancy a lot of times it was a hair ball because of the grooming she did, they do it so much. She also is a long hair cut and it’s shedding season for cats.


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Mar 8, 2015
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Your links are not working, but good you are taking her to the vet. It really sounds like she needs a checkup and meds. Please let us know the outcome!
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May 9, 2020
So update.
She had the kittens, at the vets. As when i took her, i was convinced it was asthma. So after waiting outside for 4hours due to covid.

They told me they could find out what was wrong, but was worried about the kittens. 2 phone calls later, they told me she was having heart failure. 🤯😭. 1 phone call after, its asthma they have given her steroids and need to go ahead with a c-section.

The next phone call. Theres 5 kittens all healthy and breathing. Mums fine. Which was good news, so i had to take her to the 24hr Vets to be observed over night.

Shes not allowed near the kittens for at least 6weeks, due to her medication of steroids. So She was at the vets overnight. I had the kittens at home, all 5. Having to be bottle fed every 2hrs, around the clock. I work so Impossible!!

The next morning i had to get mum from the vets at 7am, so she was downstairs. Kittens were upstairs, door closed. Mum made her way upstairs, scratching at the door. Fast forward a few hours, i physically and literally could not take care of 5 kittens around the clock. My cat can smell them but cant see them. It was too much. So i made the responsible decision to give them to a charity. As they will be taken care off, found proper homes that will be vetted at the time of rehoming in the weeks to come.

So now its just me and my cat again. Shes been purring alot lately and very affectionate.? She was also spayed during the c-section! Shes much more tame right now. im gonna upload a picture of what shes currently doing. Shes just purring. And whats going to happen to her milk thats was forming etc?? As she literally never saw, licked or touched her kittens.